Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yes, I Ironed It...

Ironing yarn...
I don't iron as a matter of course. I just use the ironing board as a place to pile stuff. 

Doesn't everyone??  Ahem...


ANYWAY, my friend M, the president of our women's group, sent out a call to all knitters in the group asking if we were interested in knitting up one (or more) of those fluffy scarves so that we could use them as door prizes. She'd provide the fluffy yarn. 

I said yes. I know. Don't tell me. 

Beginning of fluffy scarf
I've already got The Fluffy Scarf Project for our choir. I made my mom one. And now this. 

So this project used Sashay instead of Starbella. Sashay is a pain in the keister... I had to iron it. Yep. Spent 1.5 hours of my knitting life IRONING this ribbon so that I could knit with it. 

But in the end, it was worth it. The project was actually done in 3 days - a total of maybe 8 hours of knitting time, but I do work. 

I have 1.5 of the Fluffy Scarf Project scarves done. I also have one more ball of the maybe I can iron that, too, and get rid of it. I was tempted on this one to wrap Tippi in it for a future Howl-O-Ween project, and I might yet. It would be cute. With her purple witch hat or her pumpkin hat. 

She's the world's most tolerant dog. 

So this was worked up on size 7 needles, used circulars because it's a stinker when the stitches all slip off your needles. I saw the YouTube in which they say "weave the ends in" or sometimes, most optimistically, "the ends will magically disappear."

Not so much. I pulled up the ends with a crochet hook and anchored them with needle and thread. Shook it out, took a picture and voila! I'm done. 

Charity Afghan
I'm planning to Stash Bust this weekend, most of which entails going through the totes in the basement and gathering up all the acrylic which I know I will not knit again. Our church has a Prayer Shawl Ministry, and they will use it more quickly than I will. It'll go to a good cause. 

I also have to start assembling the charity afghan. This is it in the unassembled state. There are quite a few Tunisian squares, and those are mainly in the center. Those will be sewn together and the rest crocheted. 

The Weekend

This is one of my rare weekends off. So of course, Hubby has his eyes dilated - messes with the bike ride we contemplated, BUT... I have a to-do list and I've already got a few things crossed off. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but you know you have to grab this stuff when you can. 

I shredded a bunch of miscellaneous stuff from my brother's estate. I finished the scarf (as you can see from the pics). I dusted my scale (I figure that's why it shows that I'm not losing weight...the dust is adding to my total. It works for me.). 
Fluffy scarf completed

I'm in the midst of "organizing the yarn corner" and "matching yarn to patterns." Hubby is building a box for me so that I can put all of my brother's uniforms and equipment in there and deliver it to his former employer. Right now, it's in a laundry basket, so I do need to box it up properly and drive it over there. It'll be cheaper to drive it than to mail it. 

I also have delusions about cleaning off said ironing board and perhaps the hope chest on the end of the bed...

Oh, and we want to finish up the Halloween decorations outside. Mostly putting The Great Pumpkin out on the porch and perhaps some ghosts in the yard. 

The Estate

I have to find the car title. We're transferring it (thank you God) and getting rid of it this week. The house is somewhat in limbo because there's a situation with the roof. The buyers' Realtor screwed up and caused a technical "default" in the contract. We're renegotiating it, which would normally annoy me, but since my brother's got a lot of bills owed, the money's going there. Technically, it's not even "real money" since the heirs won't see any of it. I just get annoyed at the principle of the thing. The buyers knew the state of the house (which, by the way, wasn't horrid. It's just an old house.), and they're getting one-year-old appliances thrown in. Deal with it... But the house does need a new roof. But, we also specified that the house is "as is." I'm confident we'll do ok. Our Realtor is a gem and she's also aware of the fact that we don't want the house to sit over the winter. Candles are lit, fingers and toes are crossed. 

I also have to pay his water bill. I will be very glad to get the house and car settled. Because then, all that remains is to wait till it's time for the attorney to file the final tax returns and we're done. We can close it out. 

I found a flash drive in the stuff for the estate, and I just checked it. It's all personal pics with him and his kids. I'll bring it to Thanksgiving and let them sort it out. That way, they're both there and they won't have any drama (ha) about who's gotten what.  


Chocolate drop cookies
Check out the cookies! We had our final yoga training session recently, and it usually involves food and wine. The Chocolate Drops were my contribution. The Yogi cookies were delicious gingerbread. I'm going to get some of those cutters - they're adorable! 

We drafted our "Proposed 2013 Christmas Baking" list today. Kid #2 will "take a poll" and ask if there are preferences. Since Hubby may be going home for the holidays to visit his mom, we didn't put any of his family cookies on there, though I might try his mom's toffee, which is AMAZING. 

Made spaghetti squash last night with sauteed portabella slices and chopped leeks. That will most likely be lunch. 

We went to the grocery store and spent a boat-load of money. But we needed a lot; we'd been going "piece-meal" and you know that's just not efficient. 
Yogi Cookies

I'm trying some "organic" herb blend salad; baby greens with some dill fronds in there. Also have some kale; it's the big stuff, so it'll get chopped up and wilted with some garlic. It's almost "soup weather" but not quite. An interesting October so far, because aside from the cloudy day today - it's gorgeous outside. 

At some point, we realized that our fridge has attained its maximum capacity. I do have to boil some eggs, but I can put those back in the original carton, making sure to mark which are which, of course! 

It would help immensely if Kid #2 would finish off the juice that's about done...then I'd have room to work with. Right now, this big clunky juice bottle is taking up wayyyyy too much room!! 

Hubby wants to bake some bread. Today would be a good day, because the humidity will help it rise. But I adore - I mean ADORE - the smell of baking bread; that's going to be incredible temptation. 

Might be time to really concentrate on a knitting project if he does that! 


Yeah, I know. I have a Dansko fixation. I got a few more pair and this is the "Blue Marble" which, thank you very much, were on clearance. Great with denim. I also bought a pair of heels - ABEO with a nice arch support. As soon as I actually wear those, I'll show you. They're quite comfy and have kind of a "1940s tap shoe" vibe which is cute. 

I also have to go through some shoes. I gave a big bag of pumps to the folks at the local women's shelter; the gals there can use them as "interview shoes" and I'm glad they're being used by someone who'll wear them. I don't wear heels to speak of - at least not the ones I gave away. But I also have some worn out athletic boots and at least one pair of hiking boots that need to go. No sense hanging on to them if I'm not wearing them. 

What do you know? I've gotten a bunch of stuff crossed off the list and it's not even noon!! I can go fix my lunch and happily watch the Christopher Lee version of "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde." 

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