Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall. Definitely Fall...

It's cold in my office, cold in my house and I'm thinking of knitting up another set of wristlets... But I still love this weather!
Yarn donation

Hubby made 7-grain bread yesterday and said it was good. It was really nice to have the house smell "yeasty" in that way that only bread baked in cast iron loaf pans can make it. 

Hmmmmmmm. Almost "chili and soup" weather! 


Well, I was going to work on my Fluffy Scarf, but I have company here at the office... It'll sit for another day. 

I am, however, going to work on ANY other project at home. I need a change from scarves and afghans. I finished re-reading the Yarn Harlot's "Knitting Rules" and it's inspired me to wade into the stash and also look at the WIPs. The Nephew Afghan - I've got time on that one. Kid #2's afghan? He says now his timetable for buying a house is spring... Whew - that buys me a few months! 

Nobody's having any babies. Maybe I can pull out something I've started, or start something fresh. I probably ought to look at the number of WIPs I have. I know of 3 off the top of my head, and one of them (sigh) is a baby afghan.... 

Donating two huge boxes of yarn to our church's Prayer Shawl Ministry was also a good thing. First off, I wish I would have just knitted up the stuff, but on the other hand, this is a good destiny for this yarn. I truly was overwhelmed with it and I did keep some of it. During the de-stash, I found a nearly-finished throw of my Granny's. Granted, in colors that leave me shaking my head, but I'll still finish it. 

And I found one of her "waffle weave" throws. I have been trying to learn that stitch forever... 

In "Knitting Rules," Stephanie gives her opinion of "what I'd knit if I knew I couldn't knit anymore." I thought about that in light of my post commenting on the washcloth where my Granny crocheted her last row. Looking at her swatches, looking at the almost-done throw? 

Do we ever know when we're "done" aside from perhaps being blind? I mean, I know my grandma knew it was coming. She had macular degeneration and glaucoma. She knew, somewhere deep inside, that the day would come when she laid down her yarn. 

I can't imagine how that felt. She wasn't much of a reader, but wow - she was a needlewoman. 

Stephanie says she'd knit a "wedding ring shawl." A wedding ring shawl is knit using what's appropriately called "cobweb" yarn. You can, theoretically, pull the ENTIRE shawl through a wedding ring. And they're heirlooms. 
Wedding Ring Shawl

And I want to knit one so bad... When I was at TKCGA in Indianapolis, I stood in front of the Orenburg Lace stall for a long time. Then I went around the exhibit hall. Then I came back. Then I went around again. 

That time, I didn't buy the yarn. I do have some very fine white silk that'll be a shawl for me. But it's not an Orenburg or a Wedding Ring. You'll see a picture of a typical Wedding Ring Shawl here - courtesy of Google... It gives me a tingle up my leg to think about knitting one of these. Just search and look at them. Cascades of lace. Rivers of lace. Waterfalls of lace. Avalanches of lace. And they're not always white, but when I get to this point, mine would BE white... I'm all wibbly-wobbly just thinking about it!

I think Yarn Harlot has a point: barring being blind, you could totally knit this as a magnum opus - it should be a wave of lace. It must be huge. And therefore, it's a project that could sustain a knitter for a long, long time. 

 Almost a Tragedy...

So Hubby says, "When was the last time you noticed I had my wedding ring on?" 

Wowza... It's turning cooler and you know how, for many of us, our hands seem to shrink - at least my fingers do. One of my rings now is doing a loop-de-loop on my right hand. The only thing stopping my wedding rings is that I have the "arthritis beads" in the shank of the wedding set.

Anyway, he thought he'd lost the ring on the walking trail. Luckily, he took it off to mow the grass, and found it in the pocket of the pants he had on.

He's lost a lot of weight, and I think he needs it re-sized. All he said after I suggested that was "We'll see." What???  Gotta just shake my head.

The To-Do List...

Well, the one at work is coming along. The one at home? It'll get done. With both of us having crazy-busy schedules, we do what we can. I do wish, however, that Kid #2 would take care of his bathroom... 

I have off from the middle of December till the New Year. I would really, REALLY like to get the laminate floor put in - all we need to do yet is our bedroom then finish up the trim. 

Of course, we also want to re-do both bathroom we'd have to wait on the trim. And Miss Tippi would probably be totally offended to not have SOME carpet to lay on. Anyway, if we did finish -- oops, WHEN we DO finish our flooring, I'd still get carpets alongside both sides of the bed. I don't want to put my bare feet on cold floor, and the back of our house always seems the coldest. 


So Ted Cruz "admits defeat." Moron. I'm sorry - you really think that bringing our government crashing to a halt and making us the laughingstock of the world was a good thing? You all looked like (and continue to look like) a batch of toddlers in need of a nap. 

Excuse me if I don't believe that it was "never [his] intention filibuster the agreement." He'd have done so if he had a nanosecond's inclination that it would have worked. 

I think the Republicans are surprised that President Obama hasn't caved in. Lord knows, Democrat that I am, I can truly say that the man was giving away the candy store... He didn't realize how insanely crazed these people are, and frankly, everyone underestimated the percentage of hate-filled racists who occupy the political scene. All very genteel, all very "boy's club" -- but you tend to notice the overwhelming tone of "Wonder Bread" in this group of bigots. Testosterone-fueled Wonder Bread bigots, even, because we also can't have the women in there. 

You know we go all erratic once a month with our "women's troubles." I guess that's why so many of these guys need to be up in our lady-parts...apparently, we can't make our own decisions, and we can't have equal access to  -- well, I was going to say "medications" but I guess I mean to say "anything" instead... We are still, in 2013, seen as "the weaker sex." And that bugs the living stuffing out of me. 

You should have seen Kid #2 when I informed him that, in the way-back days, insurance companies DID pay for Viagra. But NOT for birth control. I think I shattered an illusion or two, and he takes after me in the "normally quite a cynic" mode. 

"I could pee on this."
I am hoping that we haven't already gone off the cliff. Time will tell. And this "agreement" seems more of the same to me: just another opportunity for the ultra-cons to re-arm and bring us back to the brink once again. 

Please, do your part to get voters mobilized as elections draw near. You know as well as I do that we as a culture have the attention span of a fruit fly. We're all there when it comes to pop culture, but for some reason, we just don't pay attention to the very important stuff: Washington DC. 

I still think there's hope that we can wash these Teabaggie folks right out of the town. 

Random picture...

Public art somewhere on my trip with my mom back in March. I thought I'd remember where I took this, but I don't. All I can say is "Doggie Delight." 

This was taken out the bus window, hence the greenish tint. It was somewhere in North Carolina, I believe. It's fully 30 feet tall! And I wasn't sure whether to put the pic in this section or up in Politics...because it seems to fit there, too!

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