Thursday, October 17, 2013


Oh, I can read your mind, and it goes something like this:  STOP IT!!!! It's not even HALLOWEEN!!!

But bear with me. I'm not saying I'm in the Christmas mood. I'm just mentioning that I have 5 Christmas presents ordered or obtained. Several are personalized, so I had to order them ahead of time. The other - for my mom - is actually obtained but not sure when she'll get it, as it's a space in a Senior Yoga class. And no, I'm not teaching it. First of all, my own teacher started that group. I don't even sub, though, because it's in the mornings, and I'm at work. 

Second, I wouldn't teach my mom because she's got a couple of health issues, and I think she needs a more experienced teacher. She probably wouldn't be able to keep up with my Basic class. 


Fall has flipped...???  And it's really pretty outside my office. I can't get a decent picture of it, so put this in your mind. At the southwest corner of my campus, the sun is a bright, brittle color. It's incredibly bright and almost a glare. 

At the south, clouds build. Dark grey and kind of heavy. And then at the northeast, the blue sky blends with light grey clouds. All in all, I can't tell if it's going to rain or it's passing through. But the quality of the light is gorgeous and one of those combinations of light and temperature which just holler 'FALL IS HERE' and beg you to go out and enjoy them. There might be a walk in my future this evening after dinner.

Stuff at Work...

 So our president is coming. Not THE President, but the president of our university. I spent today giving two plants some massive "haircuts" and re-potting things. I now have 5 -- yes, FIVE -- new potted plants. I don't know what to do with one of them - not one I re-potted, but one that's just shooting to the ceiling. It was about 12" tall when I got it 3 years ago. The assistant I had at the time had given it to me because she said her plant had babies. It was a little rickety thing and she said, "I don't know if it'll even grow - so if it doesn't, don't worry." 

She also gave me the philodendron that was imitating Kathryn Hepburn's on "Desk Set." And that's the one that got the big haircut today. She's a shadow of her former self, but her offspring live on. 

And then there's Audrey... I think she's almost as tall as I am. My assistant and I re-potted her last year in the biggest pot I could find at Home Depot. She was in a small 8" pot when I started here... 

I now have plants in every room that has windows here. I saw one spot in the hallway, in a small niche, where I could potentially put another one. Perhaps the MONSTER that's growing on the credenza, if I can get her in a wheeled carrier. 

Just a bit more spit-and-polish and we're ready for his visit. By the way, fish fertilizer makes me sneeze. But it works wonders on plants!


I almost crashed my truck yesterday. I was listening to Sirius Progress (f/k/a "Left") and heard Ted Cruz railing about how they (the Republicans? The Baggies??) will "continue our efforts to repeal Obamacare."

You. Lost. Big-time. Really - you're gonna waste the next 3 years trying this crap all over again?

Hey, I don't like what the Dems and Republicans did anyway: they kicked the decision over into 2014. And you know what? Mark my words, the Baggs will pull this crap again. Even though President Obama said "No" when asked if this will happen "the next time," I don't trust them. And neither do most Americans, apparently.

Quinn's nose
Random Photo...

Yes, it's a dog's nose. It's Quinn. She snores. And snorts. And poses for nose shots...

They say every dog's nose-print is unique. I just saw a medal you could make of your dog's nose-print - you put some sort of "non-toxic compound" on your dog's nose and make a print. You send it in and they cast it in silver. 

I don't think so... Come here, Quinn, I'm gonna put some stuff on your nose... That might be funny...

Oh, if you're looking for a totally rigged election, go to this link:

For a buck a vote, you can help our rescue organization raise funds to not only help place elkhounds in permanent homes, but help the handful of "forever fosters" we have. Vote early - and vote often. The contest closes on Halloween... Or should I say "Howl-O-Ween"...

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