Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Like Fur...

Fun-fur, that is! I needed something relatively mindless and quick, and I was looking at the immediate stash-at-hand and trying to think of something that wouldn't require lots of brain power.

I've got the baby blanket as a WIP (work-in-progress), and the lace prayer shawl that nearly got eaten. I'm sick of baby hats for now.

So I spotted 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur. I haven't knit with fun fur in ages. My first "back to knitting" project was with Fun Fur (how crazy was that???) and my family refers to it as the "dead squirrel." Yeah, they're a very encouraging bunch.

This scarf is a little "nothing" that I knitted in a few days using size 10 needles. Straight knit. No fancy stuff, though I played with a seed stitch at the beginning. What's the point if you really can't see the stitches? Except to make it more dense, which wasn't what I wanted.

The colorway is called "Confetti" and I have another skein left. I thought about doing a two-fer to make it extra long, but when I used the larger needles (the size on the label said 6 or 7), the scarf was plenty long to be almost doubled around my neck. I did a 12-stitch cast on and knitted till I was done. Couldn't have been easier. Even though the pattern on the label was "easy" - this was practically idiot proof. Which was just what I wanted to keep my fingers moving and not have to worry about what it would look like when it was done.

As you can see, I used a shawl pin and it echoes the colors in this scarf. It's not going to keep me particularly warm. For that, I'll use the lovely cashmere blend cable scarf a friend knitted me. It's not particularly waterproof; I have a fleecy one that matches my "let's go snow shoe" jacket for that.

This is just a pop of color that'll go with almost anything I own. When you click on the image, you can get a better picture of the colors in there. The scarf will truly see more time on me than the "dead squirrel" which is a more beige-tan-grey combo.

Hubby was surprised at how quickly it knitted up. So was I. But that's ok. I can tackle the lace shawl and the baby blanket now, and I needed something quicker (for me) than a washcloth. Next up, working on the WIPs and maybe starting that pink and black silk that I have. I was thinking of making each of those hanks into neckties. Hmmmmmm. Lots to consider there.

What "fun" projects do you like to knit? What's your favorite mindless pattern? Share!

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