Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pardon the "F" bombs....

...but I share (and applaud) the basic sentiment of this blogger.

I am amazed at how many people shared in the Kool-aid fest of the past election cycle. Why such enormous numbers voted in opposition to their own rational self-interest is beyond me. Those who didn't vote? Well, y'all got the results you deserve. I hope you're happy.
And for those who couldn't be bothered to research exactly WHAT that reactionary candidate of yours really stood for; who couldn't be bothered to THINK about what you were doing when you were in the voting booth? You, too, got what you deserved. I hope you're happy.
In the end, though, it comes down to this: We need to work together. And that's not an empty campaign phrase. We need to demand of our elected officials that they do what they were elected to do. And I'm hoping that what these people were elected to do was WORK, and not just "say no" to everything that the black guy in the White House proposes.
Because that would be sad. This country needs lots of work to make it work... to keep US working. To keep our country prospering so that our kids and grand-kids have a future. If there is continual gridlock in DC and all that happens is that social service programs get cut, then we will have proven ourselves to NOT be the Greatest Nation. We will have proven ourselves to be bullies - who cut important services to the most vulnerable in our population and who are ruled by the Corporatocracy that has been given the right by our Supreme Court to buy elections.
That's not the America that my great-grandparents came over to live in. Do I want to go "back"?? No. Do I think our country needs to be "taken back"? Taken back from what?? We need to go FORWARD. And we can only do that if we stop hollering at each other and work together. It's not pie-in-the-sky idealism. It's rational, cold-hearted truth. You get nothing done by doing nothing.

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