Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obedience School Report

Hi Everyone!!!

It's me, Tippi!
I'm reporting about Intermediate Obedience. Mom and I have been going for about 3 weeks now, and so far, I think I'm the valedictorian of the class!!

Certainly the oldest, and I'm nearly 4 years old, but really - some of the stuff they're teaching, I learned in Basic Obedience. Like right turns, heel, long waits. But that's ok. I get treats. I'll do anything for treats; well, ALMOST anything.

Today was really fun, but a little annoying. We go to the PetSmart. The other place we went, a kennel club, had classes when we couldn't get there (Mom won't let ME drive), so we ended up at the store. Talk about DISTRACTIONS! There's stuff to sniff, people to look at, toys all over, and occasionally, a BONANZA when some kibble bag breaks open!! More on that later.

They don't let mom use the pinch collar, and so I do do quite a bit of tugging at her. She keeps saying, "Ack, Tippi - act like you've been to school!" So we go in today. Two rescue agencies are there. And there are dogs ALL OVER THE PLACE. We met a chocolate lab puppy with no name (his parents were "thinking about it") and Mom gave them several good choices.

And a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that was just rescued, poor little fella: 3 homes and he's not even 4 months old! Then there was this brindle pit bull.

As I passed him, he lunged a little bit at me and was pretty aggressive. I just stood there, with my head held high, my "I'm a NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND so don't mess with me!" look on my face and was just like a statue. The guy who had him on the leash (he wasn't holding on very tight, I can tell you!) pulled him back and had to hold him, lifting the front of his body off the ground before he would back off and leave me alone. We were across the aisle from him. He didn't have to do that. He wasn't very nice, and our teacher was pretty upset. Seems that he was JUST rescued, and he's not too crazy about kids - which they kind of figured out AFTER they brought him! Well, PetSmart isn't the best place to be if you don't like kids! They wanted to pet the kitties and puppies they had, and this pit bull wasn't happy. My teacher finally had to ask them to put him in a crate or take him outside because he almost bit a kid. I think *all* dogs are pretty cool, but if they don't have manners, they don't belong in the PetSmart or the dog park!


I know we've left both places when Quinn acts up (it's never me... just sayin'...). She looks nice and dignified in this picture, but even though she's been through ALL the obedience schools, she forgets what she's learned. She's only 1 year old, so I guess you can understand that. My dad says she has "doggie ADD" - I'm not sure about what that is, but I think it means she's a little bit lacking in the "paying attention" department.

 There were these 2 bigg-ish puppies, too - they were tugging and trying to get close to all of us as we were practicing in the aisles, but they were on a double-leash and their owners had a cart full of dog food, so they were moving right along. And I kept wanting to visit the kitties... (really, just a quick visit). They kept hissing at me. Hmmmmm.

Today, I was THE STAR!! We did "heel" when mom's back was turned. The idea is that I should be able to come right to her when she calls, even if she's not looking at me, and land at her left side. Well, Bobbie, our teacher, had me on a really long lead (she was worried about all the dogs and stuff, so we were all on that thing, which was a good idea!!) and told Mom to go to the end of the aisle. So Mom says, "Tippi, heel" and pats her left leg. I took off like a ROCKET!! I landed right at Mom's left leg, exactly where I was supposed to land. The teacher was amazed - she said something about "boy I didn't think she could move THAT fast!" I wanted to show her that I was quick, even if I'm not the tallest dog in the class! I went faster than Myla, the GSD puppy (she's my friend) but I don't think I was as fast as Shallot, a Chinese Crested - who I'd love to meet if the darned thing would HOLD STILL for a minute!!! I just sit there and bark at her telling her "calm down, dang it!!" She doesn't get it. Maybe she doesn't speak Norwegian Elkhound??? I thought I was making myself clear. When we did that move a second time, I started to sit a bit too soon, and wowza - I skidded about a foot in front of Mom, but I was looking at her! Bobbie said something about slippery floors. She should try living in MY house - we have a time with those wood floors!

We learned "Quiet" and I did that pretty well. The Golden retriever puppy and Myla had a little trouble with that one. They got sent to the "time-out" room quite a bit. I never had to go. Mom pulled a squirt bottle off the cart. That was all *I* needed!! :) Bobbie says that we SHOULD bark, but we need to know "quiet" when it's time to be quiet - and without a squirt bottle, if we can. Well, freeze-dried chicken persuaded me that "quiet" was a pretty good thing to learn. Now, if we can teach QUINN that.. (again, just sayin'...)

So then we had to do a sit-stay-wait (still on the leash) as if Mom was looking at something on the shelf. Mom was pretty crafty there. She took me to the DOG FOOD aisle! And there was a busted bag of kibble SOMEWHERE, because there was stuff on the floor. So not only did I have to sit-stay-wait, I had to LEAVE IT, too. And I did it!! Mom was so proud of me and Bobbie said, "Oh, what a SMART dog!" I got lots of ear rubs and a few extra turkey treats for that one.

Next week, we learn "park it" which has something to do with our bed. I wonder if it's the same as "good night" - which I already know. Hmmmm. It'll be interesting. Mom bought me a long (20') lead to practice on - if she ever gets done with her homework! And some Blue soft treats. The salmon is good, but not as good as the stuff she got from Fun Time Dog Shop (look for them here at -- all the proceeds go to Rescue Agencies to help dogs like me!). And the turkey's pretty tasty, too. I have to watch because sometimes I do get a little nippy with the Pupperoni she stuck in my treat bag, and then I get a little bop on the nose. I think that stuff ought to be illegal (the Pupperoni, I mean. I'm not supposed to nip Mom's fingers!)! LOL

We get to have another week of class tacked on at the end - there was one family (and I mean the whole family came in!!) who missed 2 weeks (yikes!!) so we reviewed a lot this week. That's ok. I can't wait till Advanced, then the CGC. I would like Mom to take me to Tricky Dog. I showed Bobbie that I could sit up and shake, and boy-o-boy, I got freeze-dried chicken and another ear rub. Pays to be cute, I think!

Your pal,


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