Saturday, November 20, 2010

"The First Rule of Holes:..."

"...when you're in one, stop digging."  ~~Molly Ivins

OK, so I'm no math genius. But I can add. And I have a reasonable grasp on reality. Those two things alone put me head-and-shoulders ahead of embittered almost-Senator and Palin anointee Joe Miller.

See these two articles from Huffington Post:

See, the thing is, Lisa Murkowski is about 10,000 votes ahead of Joe. And at last report, there were 700 votes left to count. So let's do some basic math.
Say that all 700 of those votes are for Joe. That means that instead of a lead of 10,700 votes, Lisa would still win with a lead of 10,000. Net effect: Joe loses.
Say that Joe manages to bribe --err, sorry, persuade -- the court that most of those 10,000 (and maybe all of the 700 left) are spoiled ballots and that they should be thrown out. How about we say that all but 1,000 of those are spoiled.
Lisa still wins with a 1,000 vote lead. Net effect: Joe loses.
Say Joe manages to get Poopsie Palin involved and she invokes the corporatist-leaning SCOTUS. And maybe, in my wildest bad dream, Joe and Poopsie make Lisa's 10,000-vote lead evaporate. Frankly, that's a nausea-inducing thought, and one I don't even think that Poopsie could pull off. One thing's for sure: Elena Kagan can't recuse herself from this one! I don't think the SCOTUS would try to pull that one off - the margins aren't as close as Bush v. Gore, and we're in a news cycle where Poopsie's involvement wouldn't exactly be invisible. Particularly when she "writes" her next book and brags about it, much like Shrub is bragging about his wadings in the pool of torture - enough so that London's mayor suggests he not come to Europe, lest he be arrested.
Even the Alaska GOP is asking Miller to be a mensch and concede. It's time, Joe. Go recreate yourself as a Fox correspondent or reality show host. Your mentor has done as much. You probably can succeed in at least one of those ventures, I'm sure!

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