Thursday, July 06, 2017

Random Ramblings...

1.  When you have an idea for a blog, you should blog. Don't assume you'll remember it. Because you won't. 

2.  I wrote a song in my head at 4 a.m. this morning. I don't write songs...For some reason I thought I'd remember THAT too. 

3.  I haven't. 

4.  Could the US be any more embarrassed? The Nectarine Nitwit just said, in POLAND, for God's sake, that it must've been "tough" to be invaded by the Soviets and Germany. Oh good grief! And they're apparently having to pay crowds to show up for him. Because, you know...tiny hands, large ego.

5.  Illinois...The Board of Elections says it's taking a "long, slow" look at the demand from the Fraud Fruitcakes. Oops - I mean the "commission" to look for "fraud" because, you know...tiny hands, large ego. They finally got the letter because the "commission" sent it to the wrong department. We've flooded Springfield with our very strong suggestions that they tell the "commission" to go jump in the lake.

6.  Illinois, #2...the legislature has voted to increase taxes. No surprise. The governor has sworn that this is a "2x4 in the face." Madigan needs to lay down and actually die - he's been in power 30+ years, and kinda reminds me of a zombie. Rauner needs to understand that, until and unless Madigan lays down and dies, he (Rauner) isn't going to get what he wants. The state has taken one small step to avoid being the first in the nation to have "junk bond" status. Lucky us. Jailing governors and being's a legacy of sorts. I think the taxes suck, but if you look at the taxes around us? We're just about on par with neighbor Indiana - who also told the "commission" (see above) to take a hike. Yes, there's a better solution. No, I don't have a clue what it is. Yes, we've dug our own hole here. No, I have no idea how to get out of it. Yes, I'd like to leave the state. No, I probably won't. 

7. Back to reading Faulkner. I just can't get on with "It Can't Happen Here." That one is by Sinclair Lewis, and I've been plowing through it since January. And I just can't. I really. Just. Can't. If you wonder why, pick it up. Sinclair Lewis is amazingly relevant. Berzelius Windrip reminds me of someone. Someone Nectarine. Read the parts about the 15 promises. If it doesn't send a chill up your spine, then you're either a member of "the base" who'll believe the swill coming from the un-drained DC swamp, or -- you're dead. Or - you may be very wealthy and above the fray we mere mortals have to deal with. Either way. Check your pulse and your privilege. 

8. The vanilla sock is coming along. It's great to have a mindless knitting project. I was jacking with my sister, who has to go to a shower (neither of us are much on baby showers, and particularly the games - we love to give the mommies the gifts, but we'd rather skip the whole "let's taste and identify the baby food" stuff). I don't have to go because I haven't been invited. And I'm not heartbroken. And I'm tickled that I don't have to crank out baby knitting. So I can concentrate on the socks and the sweater. And maybe crank out a few washcloths this summer. I'm still trying to get through some of the stash, and these projects will help. 

9. I have at least one more sweater I want to try. It's a plain, more of a t-shirt thing. It's a cotton-silk blend yarn, and I have a lovely chocolate brown for it. That will be nice - it's where the seams are "showing" as an element of the design. I started it a while ago in a beautiful grass-green, but I "outgrew" the size (I got heavier). I'll have to pull out the green one and see what it looks like - maybe now I can actually fit in it. If I remember, the green one is about 2/3 done! I set it aside when I gained the weight. 

10. Hubby got a bumper for the "heart phone." When we got it, we did get the gorilla glass, but there wasn't any kind of case available, and I have the heart monitor on the back, so I couldn't put an Otterbox or anything on it. Well, I dropped it one too many times, and the gorilla glass did its job. It shattered, not the screen! Hubby did find a bumper made for this model, and I can still do all the stuff with it. And still record the daily EKGs. Everything's fine. I'm just making sure it stays that way. It's cute and it's such a bright red that even I should be able to find it at the bottom of one of my more bottom-less purses! It's a small phone, and it tends to disappear in the nether regions of whatever bag I'm currently carrying. 

11. I switched to a slightly smaller purse. Let's see how this works! It'll fit my Kindle, but not my knitting. But I needed to lighten the load. How did I imagine I actually needed all of that stuff? And how am I going to function now that I'm not carrying it?

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