Saturday, July 22, 2017

On a Scale of... to about 500... The migraine I woke up with was about a 50 or so. Just enough to be a dull roar, not enough to take the Rx that knocks me out. 

Which was good. It was enough to make me miss a graduation party (bad), but that was because I had to teach a workshop tonight (good). A 2-hour "nap" was a help. So was repeated use of my Young Living Deep Relief roll-on. And Excedrin Migraine. 

I found out that even though I thought I was on the highest dose of Keppra, there's one higher. I don't want to go there - I was going to try to taper off this year. But I'm not sure it's going to end that easily. 

For one thing, the braces and rubber bands don't help - they're putting strain on my head. My teeth still hurt, and my jaw is being pulled. I suppose that's helping increase the headaches. 

I'm hoping that we can stop them at the next appointment. Fingers crossed. I've been faithful in this process. I just want to get them done with. 

I'm not sure what another cause can be. I'm sleeping ok - when Mother Nature isn't throwing a party, which may be the issue. We've had about 4 days of thunderstorms and sleep has not come easily - or stuck around.

So while Hubby went to the graduation party, I picked up this old-home recipe.... a flat Coke and dark chocolate. Don't ask why - just trust me when I tell you that it does help dull the pain. I'm glad that you can buy these tiny cans now - I can only get down a half a can anyway, and I always felt horrible tossing it afterwards. At least, with the tiny cans, I'm only tossing about 4 or 5 ounces, as opposed to tossing 8 or 10 ounces with the larger can or bottle. 

I'm watching the last of "All About Eve" and have the chamomile tea next to me. I'll knit a bit and hopefully unwind the rest of the way. 


So this happened. I'm not sure what that is. I noticed it as I (yay!) finished the gusset. See where the needle is stuck in kind of sideways? It's not meant to do that - I'm only illustrating my problem. It almost looks like a stitch crossed over. This is on the SSK side; and as you may see, I was slipping the 2 stitches purlwise, and I have that loopy thing going on. So I finally got wise and started slipping them knitwise and they "disappeared" as they're supposed to do. 

I'm at about 5" or so on the foot, and it's coming along nicely. I've started a "countdown" of about 15 rows. That should get me to 7" and then I can start decreasing the toe. I know - it's plain vanilla and even I can (as The Slowest Knitter On The Planet) get a pair of those whipped out in about a month or so. This yarn is behaving beautifully. If it wears like it's knitting up, it'll rival my "heart" yarn: Opal! I haven't seen the stunning colorways in the OnLine sock yarn; I've only seen the various "striped" pattern ways, but I haven't seen anything else. 

Then again, I haven't seen much OnLine around here anyway. I see it occasionally at Wool & Co. in St. Charles, but now with their new owners, I'm not sure they'll carry it. They seem to be going the Sweet Georgia route, and a few others that I'm not familiar with. I haven't been out there in a dog's age - they sent out a notice that they're now carrying Brooklyn Tweed, and it's something called a "lifestyle yarn." 

I'm not sure what a "lifestyle yarn" actually is. I know knitting is a kind of lifestyle in and of itself. The ability to make things. The ability to take a pattern and tweak it to fit you. Or to create your own pattern. The plethora of yarns around that will allow you to do anything from knitting with the finest yarn that could pass through a bride's wedding ring to the bulky stuff that's actually a 1" stitch on (what I think look like) "tree trunk" sized needles. 

Some of the other blogs I follow do showcase the "lifestyle" of knitting. Heck, the Yarn Harlot has made a living as a knitter. Me? I can aspire, but I know it's not happening. 

I'm the yoga teacher who makes her own socks. And that's fine. What's cool about knitting is that you don't have to "do it all." There's so much out there. You can knit your entire life and do nothing but baby stuff. Or nothing but afghans. Or scarves. Or potholders. Or socks. Or sweaters. Or you CAN do all of it. Shawls, purses, bathing suits(!), "soakers" (the equivalent of rubber pants, or for the younger set: those things you put over a cloth diaper to add a layer of protection from baby pee), skirts, cardigans, toys, ties... If you can figure out what to do with two sticks and string? You've got something that will challenge you. It'll be meditative. It'll frustrate the living crap out of you. It'll soothe you. It'll keep you thinking. It'll keep you from eating (trust me - you don't knit and eat at the same time). 

It'll be the calm in the storm of life. It'll be there when it seems like life is falling apart. It'll be there to help you celebrate new life. And honor the past. 

If that's a "lifestyle," then I guess I'm up to my knitting bags in that lifestyle. 

Essential Oils...

So I was blending up something. I love to blend oils. Young Living Essential Oils has some magnificent blends, but I honestly can't figure out why they haven't done one of my favorites: Geranium, Clary Sage and Rose. I started, a long time ago, with just Geranium and Clary Sage. I added the Rose, and found that doing that even enhanced the "calming" properties of the original blend. I put these together with some avocado oil and have been using it as an adjunct to my Deep Relief for my headache. Rose is so calming - so is Geranium. 

When I'm messing with my oils, I do offer them to the dogs - just to see what they react to and how they react to it. Raisa has, so far, barely tolerated Lavender. The rest of them? She pretty much snorts and turns her head. 

Except today. Today, she perked up. Stuck her snout into my hand. Wagged her tail. 

At Rose. 

Of course. 

At the most expensive oil I have. 

Rose has so many properties that are beneficial. It's a high-frequency oil. It's universally known and universally loved. It hints of love, romance, and joy. 

The oil of rose has been used in skin preparations for years. Centuries, in fact. It's in many of the Young Living blends. 

It's always been a favorite of mine. I had a Yoga Nidra class tonight, and I diffused this blend. My students were relaxed and happy - and one of them said to me, "Wow - you brought the best tonight, didn't you?" 

Yes. I did. 

And apparently, even my dog knows it. 

Random Picture...

Today, I had a wake to attend. As I was waiting for a friend to join me, I was looking at the house across the lot from the funeral home. It's a gorgeous place - and had a beautiful garden. 

But then there was this door.

Apparently a door to nowhere? Or is that a door FROM nowhere? 

What was interesting was that the planting along the backside of the house was stunning. The patio (to the left, not in the picture) was small, but nicely kept. The yard had a nice berm near the street, and the lot was pretty large. This door looks like it's to a utility room, or perhaps part of the garage. 

But is it me? Or shouldn't there be a stoop or some steps there? The garden comes right to the threshold. Maybe they don't use the door. But it's an odd placement for sure. 

They're right next to the funeral home, which advertises as "family owned and operated." One may well wonder if that's the family. And I still get a bit perplexed by this door.

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