Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth of July Frustration...

...This is my "not favorite" holiday of the year. The only bright spot is that the moronic pyromaniacs haven't been shooting off their stupid boomers since Memorial Day. Which has happened in the past. I will say that it's mid-afternoon and sunny - and they're just starting. You can't even SEE the sparkles so what the ????? 

I'm exhausted. Quinn's been throwing up for two days. Hubby and I are snapping at each other because we're taking the dogs in shifts, and it's getting old. 

And we're not upset at the dogs. We're upset that people are so oblivious. The town next to us has really cracked down, and they've actually arrested people and fined them $500 each for possession of illegal fireworks. On the other hand, while our city is patrolling, they missed an obvious pick-up. The kid across the street actually tossed a big boomer, and the smoke was still in the air as the cops pulled past the house. And they didn't stop. 

What does it take? Someone blowing off their fingers? Maybe. 

We've tried the Thundershirt. We've tried Benadryl. We've tried Pulsatilla (a homeopathic remedy). I massage them with lavender essential oil, and I've got it diffusing now. 

So far, Quinn's still hiding in the bathroom. Tippi's out here by me, snoozing before the late-night barkfest. Raisa is out with Hubby on a walk, to blow off some steam before the "festivities" start. 

For several years, I've really hated the Fourth of July. Actually, since Quinn became so spooked by the noise. I can handle Tippi barking - though that's only been in the past few years. Quinn's been really awful at this time, and we've tried everything we can think of. 

I'm actually ordering some CBD oil. Yes - I'm putting my dog on canabanoids. A friend of mine uses them for her dogs, and has had really good results. I need to do something because when you see your dog trying to crawl behind the toilet, when her pupils are dilated, when she's drooling like crazy, and now spending days barfing? It's time to do something more. 

I've ended up putting her in her crate early each night. Set the diffuser up in the kitchen, draw the drapes, crank up the fan for some white noise. And hope for the best. 

CBD oil is derived from hemp - it's pot without the THC. So it should relieve her anxiety and aggression issues (particularly with Raisa - and come to think if it, it might help Raisa with HER aggression issues) and it won't zonk her out like doggie valium. 

I'll let you know how it goes. 


Yes, it's another pair of socks. The sweater was getting heavy. Though I might switch back to it tonight, as long as I'll be up with the dogs anyway. 

This is a plain vanilla pair. I have a 15-row rib going on and then plain sailing through the rest. It's OnLine self-patterning. I've never used it - I actually won it in a raffle, and so I'm trying it out. With this kind of "busy" yarn, plain is best. Maybe a rib down the side, or K6 P2? But for the most part, let the yarn do the talking and skip the fancy stitching. 

And on top of that, it's kind of a brainless knit. The yarn is in a grey/black/blue/white colorway, and it looks like it'll knit up nicely. It got great reviews from my online (ha) sock knitters group, and they said it wears like my favorite: Opal. 

I like the way it's working up now, and I think it's going to be a nice "basic" sock - I mean, not my usual "wildly" patterned colors, but something I can wear like the grey variegated ones that I have. I may also try the "Strong heel" variety again. That worked up nicer than I thought it was going to. 

And the sweater is just going along. Like I said - not being a speed-knitter, I can't show you a "front" today, a "sleeve" tomorrow...I'm just plugging along. 

Go Cubs Go...

So yeah, this happened at Mass this past Sunday. My friend L officiated at the wedding of his niece and her new husband. This is what they gave him. Of course it's a replica. A very good replica. And it weighs a stinkin' ton! 

The women's version that I saw - and there was only one, which is really not cool - was a wimpy-looking thing that resembled a high school ring. This is something that they need to remedy because there are quite a few women fans. Many of us have been fans for a long, long while, too. 

But apparently, the ring can't be downsized? I mean it is rather a hunk of gaudy stuff - but I wonder if they could've modified it? Either way, it was rather thrilling to have even a replica. 

I mean really: A World Series ring. With a Chicago Cubs logo. The first in over 100 years. And I was able to, even with a replica, put it on my finger. 


Everyone's freaking out because they're 41-41 now. Relax. By this time, normally, we're rolling up the grass on the infield. This is an extraordinary time. Last year? Indescribable. Wonderful. Wonder-filled. Awesome. Can we repeat? Well, I don't know. I think so, but then I've been a Cub fan my whole life. I always think "This year!" 

This year, we have all the talent. We just have to get it together. It could happen. If the front office lets Maddon be Maddon, and then perhaps lets him get the players he needs? We'll be fine. And I have the feeling that even if the just let him do him? We'll be fine. 

Random Picture...

This is the lily garden next to the spot where we do garden yoga. The flowers are in bloom and the garden is shaping up nicely. Next week is "Art in the Garden," so I'm not sure if we'll be outside. I have to call them. If they're setting up for that lovely event, I'm pretty sure they're not going to want us around. 

Our own garden is doing well, too. The brown-eyed Susan and cone flowers are now in bloom. The dill is growing. The bee balm is bright and beautiful. Lavender and Salvia are adding pops of purple to the patch. We have a few gazing balls out there, and Hubby will put up the one bird bath. The hummingbird feeders have attracted a bit of an audience, so I'm looking forward to a lot more traffic in the coming few weeks. 

Our own day lily "fence" around the front yard is coming along, though we could use a little thinning out. 

Back to knitting. Gotta get a leg on that sock! Happy Fourth of July - if you're celebrating. Me? 

I'm trying to keep dogs calm. 

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