Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's Pretty Pathetic When...

... I have to practice putting on make-up. Well, not even make-up, but tinted moisturizer. 

It's this way - there's an event coming up and I really should wear make-up. I don't. I have a good moisturizer and some nice lip balm. Otherwise, nothing. 

I even went so far as to order a new outfit, and I'm hoping it comes to the house in time!

That being said, makeup makes me feel claustrophobic. Even sunscreen on my face can cause me to feel as if my skin is "closed off" and I can't breathe. So I'm very careful with what I put on my skin and use on my face. 

I hate it. I'm ready to go scrub my face off... The things we do...

On the Bandwagon...

Finally, I got on the "fitness band" bandwagon. But I didn't want a FitBit or that big clunky thing that Hubby is always playing with. I didn't want email, a watch, texting, etc. I just wanted something easier to wear than a pedometer (I don't always have pockets) and a little more accurate. And I wanted to torture myself with confirmation that I don't always sleep as well as I ought to. 

So I ended up with an UP fitness bracelet by Jawbone. I really like its discrete look. It's extremely simple. You don't have any flashing lights, or screen to read, or anything like that. It syncs with my Android phone and I think the only thing I have to complain about is that I'm not sure whether it'll work when I'm biking. 

When I said to Hubby, "Well the FitBit commercials show these folks riding bikes and jogging with strollers," he just said, "don't believe everything..." because apparently, you can "cheat the system" by moving your arms. 

I've been told that I walk "with my whole body." I think it's a polite way to say that I waddle a bit. I would think that any fitness bracelet would take that into account. We shall see. 

And I'm starting back on a sugar detox. I've really JUMPED off the wagon on that. Kid #2 and I are headed back to Oxford this summer, and THIS year, I want to be fitter. I was having a hard time last year, and he and I both want to go into the caverns. I couldn't do much walking last year, and this year, I want to be able to do more. 

My plan is to take the steps at work, working up to doing all 5 flights daily. Also picking up on my yoga practice. Of course, I have no idea how to make all this fit into an already packed schedule. But that's a minor detail.

So I'm good to go. Now I just have to -- GO!


One sock down, 2nd sock in progress. I don't remember if I posted this. This is one squishy sock. I'm anxious to get its mate done. I did this one in 3 weeks. I'm hoping for a quick second sock. 

Then it's back to the baby sweater for a bit. I'm told "it's a boy" which is cool. The black and white will be sharp for a little boy!

Next will be the solid purple sock yarn. I think I may do a pattern with the yarn the kids got me for Christmas.

I did get my order from Craftsy. I have a couple of shawls and a hat to do, but I have to figure out how to go back and download the patterns. I bought the "kit" but I don't think I downloaded the patterns. 

While I'm still participating in the "Knit from Stash KAL" I'm going to be realistic. I'm not one who wants to knit only socks. I want to work through stash for other projects. I want to stash some baby sweaters + hats. There are some fingerless mitts I want to do, and a couple of scarves, believe it or not. 

And I have the pure wool to do a felted cloche for next winter. I figure that if I can find an awesome vintage pin, I can use that along the side. It'll be a "church hat" if I can get it right. 

I love felting. I think it's an absolutely fantastic technique. I have a couple of bags that I want to do, and at least one hat, maybe more. 


Isn't so inevitable. I'm not happy with the shenanigans of the DNC. I think we should have more debates with our candidates. And I'd really like to hear more from O'Malley and Bernie. I don't like Hillary 24/7. 

I don't like coronations here in the US. And I don't like that the DNC apparently feels like they can tell us who our candidate is. I get politics + money = "the way things are done" but we can't have that both ways, either. We can call for a revolution, or we can just roll over and play dead to the corporate overlords who've bought and paid for our political system. 

But don't bemoan "low voter interest" when you've already mandated who our candidate is. You did that to us. And I don't like it. 

One other totally unrealistic and unrealizable ambition? To have a "real" debate. I mean, seriously. Dispense with the advance notice of the questions. Give the candidates a vague idea of what they'll be debating. Then ask the questions and let them think on their feet. 

None of this pre-determined, studied talking-points crap. A good, honest "let's see what you know" debate. Sure, Hillary will probably be better-versed on international issues. But I can't imagine that O'Malley and Bernie will be slouches. 

God knows it's got to be better than the last pile of toddlers on the Fox stage calling each other names. 

Random Picture...

Last night's sunset. As my friends and I celebrated a late birthday dinner, I caught this on the way in. It doesn't really do the colors justice, but the rosiness just made me feel better after a long and crappy week. 

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