Friday, February 12, 2016

Maybe...Maybe Not...

Sooooooooo. Eight years of working in adult education (university), and I never had as many holidays. 

And contrary to everyone's belief, nor did I have every summer off.

But today through Monday, we have a long weekend. Which is lovely. Though I'm spending Valentine's Day at the Clerk's Office doing training for the upcoming elections. Electronic poll books and same-day registration ought to make the primaries really fun. Not. 

I have a list. And maybe I'll get most of it done. Or maybe not. We'll see how the weekend goes. 

Detoxing Again...

The sugar detox is going. I've had a few slips, and I know that I'm not seeing results as quickly as I did the first time. But then, I shouldn't have leaped off the wagon! 

Just finished some lovely kale that I needed to process. I chop it up, saute in a pan with some olive oil and then when it's bright green, add some water and slap a lid on it so that it "steams" with the seasonings I use. And the seasonings can vary. So kale is on the menu for supper. 

I'm hoping to lose some weight, yes. And I'm hoping to kick some belly fat to the curb. It'll be healthier in the long run. 


I have "Sort of Second Sock Syndrome." I'm working on the second sock of the SweetGeorgia chai spice pair, and with wholly laughable enthusiasm, I thought I'd get the second one done in 2 weeks. That was about 3 weeks ago, before I had too many evenings occupied by other things. 

I'm eyeballing my Craftsy box - there's a hat in there and 2 of their shawls. Well, let's say there's the YARN in there for those projects. One of the things on my list is to download the patterns and get them sorted into project bags with the appropriate needles. 

One goal I do have that I really want to accomplish is to get the leg finished on that sock. I am anxious to wear this pair soon, and this is "one of 4" of my 4-pair goal for 2016. 

And I should put a row or two on the baby sweater. That's sitting there staring at me too. Yes, I know - baby is due in June. But you know how fast time flies. And I don't want to have to speed-knit that project. I had all good intentions to knit at lunch at work, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe, maybe not. 

Healthy Aging...

So what does "healthy aging" mean to you? A couple of us participated in a workshop last weekend on "Yoga and Healthy Aging." It was really fantastic, though we did think we sat a lot more than we needed to. 

The sequences we looked at are all on the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog, which is great if you haven't looked at it. And no - it's not "senior" yoga. It's a way to 
use your body and mind healthfully to keep yourself moving and thinking as you age. Let's face it, we're all aging - some of us faster than others. But we can help ourselves to stay healthy and sharp. 

Nothing's going to cure the disease of life. We're all going to die. But we have options now to make sure that we encourage ourselves to stay healthy and strong for longer than before. Remember when women, particularly, "knew" that as they aged, they developed a dowager's hump, they slowed down, they essentially withdrew as they aged? 

I remember that. I saw my aunts do this. But I now see women "owning" their menopausal and post-menopausal years. 

I see the same in men. And I don't mean in a "Viagra-like commercial" way. But men staying fit and trying new things as well, so that their later years are fulfilling. 

That's yoga for healthy aging. I encourage you to take a look at the blog. I think you'll learn a lot. 

So today, also on the list, is a little walk on the "elliptiKILL" - Hubby replaced the strap on the heart monitor (I lost it). So I can give it a shot. Even if it's 15 or 20 minutes, it'll be a step (or several) in the right direction. 

I confess that the Jawbone has been helping me achieve some movement. But then again, honestly, our office manager is on vacation, so I've been doing double-duty. I like that it tracks sleep, even though it confirms when I already know I had a rotten night. But at any rate, I'm moving more. So it's all good. 

Quinn's Gotcha Day...

Three Musketeers
Today is Quinn's "gotcha day." I remember Hubby bringing her home. I was at home with Tippi, since she'd just come the month before. And I was recovering from hand surgery. 

She was so scared! Kid #1 tried to cuddle her, and she hid under the dining room table. It took him 2 hours of trying to feed her, kibble by kibble, till she came out. 

Tippi didn't help; she looked at me as if to say, "Ummmmm. What is THAT doing here???" So River kicked in and took over. 

Quinn is definitely our guard dog. She's our crazy girl, and we don't know what we'd do without her. 

This is a picture we took right after she got home. River is in the back. Quinn at left, Tippi at right. 

Sardines tonight...

Random Picture...

As a flashback, this is a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. Granny was a "ripe old" age 22 or 23 when this was taken. My grandpa looks like a young Frank Sinatra. 

Her dress is satin. She always wanted me to wear it. Sadly, I was 6" too tall and there was no way it would be altered. 

Her flowers (and my mother has the bill to back this up) were a grand total of $5.00. But remember, this was right after the depression. Five bucks was a lot of money. That was for ALL the flowers in this picture. 

They were married for almost 61 years. This is on my phone for the month of February. 

I can only hope to attain that number of years of marriage. 

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