Monday, January 18, 2016

Is It Rude When...

...a friend asks you to go to tea for your birthday, and the first thing that pops into your mind is, "Wow - how much knitting time will that cost me?"???

Anyway, it's a moot point. I'm sick. Again. So I made it through Christmas - barely. And by New Year's Eve, I was sick. Doctor diagnosed a double ear infection + sinus infection. And I had an antibiotic which (not to put too fine a point on it) gave Hubby really bad runs. I wasn't looking forward to it. But it wasn't too bad for me, though it did mess with my stomach a bit. 

Fast forward 3 weeks. The infection never really quit, and the cough got worse. Back to the doc on this past Sunday with a diagnosis of bronchitis. Yippee. Another antibiotic, plus an inhaler. Not thrilled. So I'm on the phone with my primary care doc because the inhaler has some serious side effects -- for which I already take medication! Thanks but the wheezing isn't all that bad, and the inhaler is not to be taken with beta blockers. Tachycardia - gotta love it. 

The lesson here is simple, and two-pronged:

1.  If you have "the crud" that's going around, get to the doctor. It's not going to just "go away." 

2.  Read your pharmaceutical materials. It's important to make sure you're ok. Doctors are great, but YOU are your best advocate.

I'm waiting on the doctor to call me back. I am usually compliant - I take all my antibiotics, I make sure that I do what they want me to do within reason. But I'm also my own best advocate. We shall see what he says. 


So I'm back in the "Knit from Stash KAL" and being sick did have its advantages. I sat, hydrated, and knitted. A lot. I'm doing well on this one. It's a variation on Vanilla Latte - I'm only doing the pattern on the leg, not down the instep. The yarn is SweetGeorgia tough love sock, and the color is "chai spice." Of course... It's not as bright as this looks; I used a flash. It's very autumnal and there's a lovely swirl to the yarn. I cast on 72 stitches (biker calves) and I'm doing somewhere near an 8" foot. The leg is just over 7" high, and I have a 6-row rolled edge, one of my signatures no matter what cuff I do. 

I'm doing Eye of Partridge heel, which isn't one of my normal ones, but this is the year I expand my horizons. 

This is the year that I also set realistic guidelines. I'm aiming for 3 more pair of socks (finishing the two "singles" will help a great deal), and to get at least 6 - 12" on Kid #2's afghan. And finishing one baby sweater by June. 

These are the choices for the 3 pairs of socks. At the left is the SweetGeorgia I'm working on right now. At the right is a Lorna's Laces in "robot overlord" and the bottom is one that the kids got me - a plain purple, natural dye. That one might be a different kind of pattern for me, since the yarn is a bit more rustic than I'm used to. 

By the way, I seem to have lost my Opal "watermelon" socks. I'm sure they're shoved in a drawer somewhere, just not sure how they got to be missing...

The baby sweater is my stand-by pattern. This is in Cascade 220 handpainted. I love the edgy colorway. The mom-to-be is an earth-mother-crunch-granola-but-edgy kind of gal. She's going to be a great mom! By "edgy" I mean that she's fashion-forward and the kind of person who's not a "pastel baby" sort. I have some nice bright red buttons that will go with this yarn. It's superwash wool and so she can wash it; it'll hold its shape; and it's a 6-months size, so it should fit nicely. I really like how this is working up. I bought 2 hanks on clearance and if I have enough left, there will be a hat to match. 


I'm "feeling the Bern," but I'm vastly disappointed in the media. I do not want to support Hillary. I just think that she's too corporatist, and we aren't a monarchy. Neither is any politician "owed." She's not the right person right now. Bernie is. We need a huge overhaul and he's the one to do it. 

There's something that I have to say, and it's not related to any particular party. It's up to us to get involved. So many people have said, "If so-and-so isn't the delegate, I'm not voting at all." 

Well. Stupid. If you WANT "so-and-so" to be the delegate, get off your butt and work for that. Yeah, I know - too often, it's who's the most bought-and-paid for. Ahem - HRC... But we can make a difference if we choose to. We can sway popular opinion. The vocal minority (which is what the ultra-cons are, really, statistically) are only vocal because they have a platform. 

We need to participate. Either by donating, or walking the streets, or working a campaign - whatever it is, sitting on your hands is not acceptable. You don't get to whine if you haven't participated. 


No, not "gotcha" journalism. This is Raisa's 2nd "gotcha" day. We had it one day off, and she had sardines yesterday. 

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years. Things are calming down; she and Quinn are playing. Tippi has ensured that Raisa understands that Tippi is indeed the Queen and will remain so. 

Raisa continues to be a "husk-cat" with all the sneakiness (I'm telling you - for a 60-lb. dog, she's a ninja when she doesn't want you to know what she's up to!) and contortionist behaviors of a feline. She loves to get into these weird positions and seems to be perfectly comfortable, even though I'm thinking, "Wowza, that must hurt!" 

She's a joyful pup, and I'm very hopeful that she'll mature into a lovely therapy dog when the time comes. It'll be a number of years yet; Tippi's not ready to retire, and Raisa needs to mellow a little more!

Random Picture...

The most recent snowstorm in downtown Joliet. I'm happy to have a window in my office. I wish the view was a bit more picturesque, but I'm not The Big Cheese. Right now, it's a -16* windchill and the wind's coming out of the northwest. The wind is brisk. It's too brisk for me! 

The dogs, however, are of course excited by the cold. Hubby is taking them for a walk. I'm nursing a cup of tea, and will go finish my socks...

What are you doing in this cold weather? 

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