Friday, February 28, 2014

I Found It!!!!

Well, not it specifically. But it close enough. The plain sock pattern. 

The one on Ravelry was the one in German on the Opal sock band. It's so basic that it's just about incomprehensible - to me, at least!!

This one, however, looks like it's from the "Teach Yourself Visually to Knit Socks" book that I have at home. But I downloaded it anyway and will place it on the "Nice Ribbed Sock" clipboard so that I have it in perpetuity.

Or till I lose it again. It's even got the correct heel. Whoop-dee-do!!

Otherwise, not much progress to report on the sock. Since I'm here at work on my day off, I've brought it and I've gotten about 1/2" more on it. And since it's on small DPNs, it doesn't look like much. But it's coming along. 

I'm actually itching to start another pair, but I'm resisting till I get this one done, and finish the Pink Sock. Perhaps after that, I'll either start on the next pair of hiking socks (worsted yarn on size 3 DPNs) or yank another ball of Opal out of the stash and start those.

That'll be my "gratification" project. And I'll also try to drag along the Before and After Scarf. I need to finish the peacock colorway and then start the lime-y yellow green part. I know - sounds bilious, but it's pretty alongside the peacock. 

And I will reevaluate the projects I need to put on the Project Graph. 


I'm sooooooooooo exhausted. I got up at before-dawn:30 a.m. and had to get to work early. Mind you, normally Friday is my day off. But someone in our Facilities Department basically hates me, because they scheduled the HVAC folks in this morning. 

They tell me they'll be done by 2:30 or so - and I hope so. Not only am I tired, but I have a guitar lesson at 5 p.m. so I need to get my skates on and shoot across town. 

And of course, I haven't practiced. I've been too busy using the Sibelius program to learn the 18 songs we need to learn for Easter.  

Well. Ok. Four. Four songs. But 2 are in Latin. So that counts extra. In my opinion!

I know I'm really tired. Doc K (the instructor from yesterday's all-day class) handed me THREE squares of Ghirardelli "Intense Dark" Twilight Delight 72% cacao squares. 

He's a devil... In a very sweet, European way. He asked if I wanted one, and I said yes...then he gave me THREE, saying, "We share." 

Anyway, I'm doing pretty well on the new eating plan, but this chocolate is really singing to me now. I get that way when I'm really tired. 


Remember a while back when I said that I do believe I'm depressed? I mean, I'm not just having a "bummer" day. I'm seriously not happy about stuff I should be happy about. I'm not at "crawl in a hole and drag it back over me" but I'm at "why don't I feel enthused or happy more?" 

And I'm not talking giggly-happy Pollyanna. I just want more joy in my life. 

I fake it really well. 

And I'm scared of meds because the side effects are really nasty.


I'm reading -- or rather, INHALING -- Yoga for Depression by Amy Weintraub. She's not only a Kripalu yoga teacher, but also a person who suffers from depression. My teacher took a class or two with her and was eager in her recommendation of the book. 

I may as well highlight the entire thing right now. Heaven knows, I've tabbed it. Almost as much as my Chicago Manual of Style.

She writes compassionately, clearly and with a lot of expertise. She's not writing as a know-it-all expert, but as one who has consulted those experts to inform herself as she writes. 

I can't wait to implement some of her techniques. 

If you're a yoga teacher or if you suffer from depression - or you know someone with anything from mild depression to bipolar disease to PTSD, it's a great book for them. 

So I'll work with what she suggests and see if I can find the light that I once had. Without resorting to either more medicine or medicating myself with food or solitude. 

I'm naturally a solitary person, though. I'd rather be home. I have a small circle, and I don't need - or want - a larger one. But lately, I just want to be by myself, and that's not healthy. 

Wish me luck, and yeah - I'll take prayers, candles, whatever. 

No stress, but I guess that means I need to make a SERIOUS attempt to get enough mat-space on my office floor at home because I've been a gigantic procrastinator; I really should, as a Yoga teacher, have my own consistent daily practice. And I don't. I have a weekly practice, and I usually go through parts of the sequence I'm teaching my students, but I fall short of my own exhortations to my students about "just doing a few poses every day."


Speaking of which, I'm going through a series on Feldenkrais - a way of moving your body. Similar-ish to yoga in that you note your awareness as to what your body is doing, but not like yoga in that the movements are very tiny for the most part. 

Very interesting, but not anything I'd like to teach or explore beyond the 5-week series. 

And I have an e-mail from my "Yoga for Seniors" teacher asking if I'd like to discuss where my teaching will take me.

I'd like to discuss it, but I need to answer the question for myself first - or at least have an idea. 

The Friend Situation...

As I've talked about here, I've had a tussle within myself (like I need it) about Old Friend. I'm talking "known since early grade school" -- we have FINALLY, tentatively, made a date to get together tomorrow after she's finished work. 

It'll be the first time in almost 2 years we've seen each other. Not for lack of my reaching out to her. 

Is it time to have The Discussion? Is it just something I figure we'll just deal with by limping along? Do I want to have a "bestie" (her term, not mine) who really is only interested in talking about herself? This is a very 90/10 friendship, as it happens. 

One thing I may bring up, if it seems appropriate, is that perhaps we should just exchange cards for birthdays and holidays. Gifts - I don't need anything else. Really. "Stuff" I have. 

I'll have to let you know if the visit comes to pass. 

Random Picture...

This is clearly a photo I shot this past summer, shortly after we walked off the minor Alp. This is at the very beginning of my paragliding adventure. 

My Jump
No, I can't really believe I did it, picture evidence to the contrary. But I'm awfully glad I did it. 

And yes, under the right circumstances, I could certainly see myself doing it again. 

I guess that since yesterday's post was so picture-heavy, I'm really light on them today. But there's nothing new to report that I haven't told you about already above. Not even a cute dog picture. 

It's still cold. The snow's still (sort of) melting, and there's progress on the Teal Sock, but it's very incremental. So we shall enjoy the view of the far side of Mt. Blanc and go from there. 

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