Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Annoying Password Changes...

Look, I'm all about the safety issues on the 'Net. But this is kind of ridiculous. In December of last year (two months ago, to be exact) I changed a couple of passwords.

And now, I try to get into those accounts, and I get "wrong password" or the equivalent. So I have to reset them again.

After resetting the password to get HERE, which I did about 10:30 a.m. today, I was ready to type today's entry. Just now, at 1:13 p.m., I get "wrong password." Really?

You mean the wrong password that I just changed this morning? So it says "type the last password you remember" -- easy enough even for me, since it was 3 hours ago! 

Finally, I think I have it done correctly - at least this time. We'll see about next time. But jeepers...


This is a hanky alert... Read here about Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue. So - this is why we do what we do. And Hubby and I don't really do all that much, considering what some folks do. We do what we can, but as with every cause, there are superstars. These folks are. 

When you see these things on Facebook or if you get solicitations, consider donating to a local rescue or no-kill shelter. Volunteer if you can; either by helping to foster, or walking the dogs or transporting - which is what we did for a long time. Hubby still does it when he can, but that "working Saturday" thing has rather hobbled my ability to do so. 

And of course, for now, with our recent rescue Raisa, we're in the midst of integrating everyone and taking her to puppy training. 

By the way, speaking of that - today we had everyone off the leash and all was good for quite some time. She's still a little "lickey-face" with Tippi, which is typical puppy behavior. And we're watching it to make sure Tippi is ok with it. For now, she's tolerating it, but I'm certain Tippi will certainly let her (and me) know when it's enough. 

Goofy Quinn
Also speaking of rescues, today is Quinn's "gotcha day." She's come a long way from that scared scrawny puppy hiding under Kari's chair as Hubby tries to coax her out. She's still a little too easily freaked out, but she's smart, healthy, and strikingly pretty. And also a loon. See the picture... 

This would be the 5th in a quick series of pictures of her dive-bombing Kid #2 headfirst into his side, her butt in the air, swiveling around, sliding down his leg, wriggling her rear end in his face before sliding that part down his ribs, and then smooshing herself onto the couch so that he could rub her belly.

I didn't print the whole series here because Kid #2 has asked me not to print his pic in my blog. It's not like I'm going to print something humiliating, but he's asked and I respect his privacy.

Yep. So, this is a clip from the AKC page on the Norwegian Elkhound:

Right Breed for You?

The Norwegian Elkhound is bold and energetic, an effective guardian yet normally friendly, and does well with children, especially when introduced to them at a young age. The Elkhound is a very people-oriented breed and does not like to be shut away from its family. The breed does requires regular exercise, but does not require elaborate grooming procedures.

They are also often described as friendly and DIGNIFIED. I guess 50% is good... I don't know what we'd do without our scrappy watchdog. She's the noise, Tippi's the muscle. 

Snow buddies
I think what's freaking her out is that, at 5 1/2 months, Raisa is bigger than she is. Huskies are always bigger than elkhounds, but I believe she would've taken to Raisa better if she wasn't as huge. All Raisa wants to do is make friends, and when they're on a leash, they're amazing, as this shot shows. Hubby took this on the trail yesterday. 

Tippi, embodying the "dignified" thing, is alongside and behind. She's not about to exert herself if someone else does. 

Did I mention that Norwegian Elkhounds are also very smart?? 

Oh, and so are Siberian Huskies. 

We'll be lucky that they don't change our locks and fix our computer passwords... 


The afghan is more than coming along. I think I'll be done next week. I pulled the yarn (unwinding it from its hanks in the super-special steel bowl yarn holder device) and did about 25 pulls... I can see the hanks shrinking nicely and I think I'm getting excited to see it finally finished. Right now, when I'm knitting on it, I can drape it over my feet, as shown, and it's nice and toasty.

And, luckily for us, Raisa shows no interest in the super-special steel bowl yarn holder device. She's come close with tossing her toys, but she stops solidly before the afghan and yarn. She tried to mouth the afghan ever-so-slightly, but a good "AAAACK!" did the trick and she hasn't bothered me at all when it's in my lap. 
Almost done!

This will be about 42" x 46" - and my nephew is kind of a big guy. But I never committed to an exact SIZE of the afghans I'm knitting them all! This will be enough for a nice throw on the back of the couch, and I hope he likes it. 

I have the sock with me, but I have a doctor's appointment, so I haven't even brought it out. I'll work on it tonight, I think, just to shake up my fingers and since I'm feeling confident of the afghan.

And I hope I haven't just jinxed myself, with that comment!! Never mess with the knitting fairies. They'll get you every time. 

I saw the Yarn Harlot's new socks, in my favorite sock yarn, Trekking XXL - like neon Easter eggs. I may have to have that colorway to work on some more socks. I think maybe there's a sock binge coming on, and it can't be too soon for me. 

The hat binge is over for now, though I do want to knit one more, for which I've already gotten the yarn. It's a cloche and I can't wait to start on it. Oh, and there's the silver-grey beret...

So maybe the hat binge isn't over yet. Oh well. 

Irony overload...

Yes, this is a picture from a catalog I got yesterday. Look at the 2 entries at the bottom. God and Guns... 

I get it. Concealed carry is now legal in Illinois and I have to get over it. But I don't have to like it. 

And I can't help chuckling - "carry your concealed weapon, and as a side, carry your electronic Bible just so you're prepared for whatever happens."

Well, that's probably not what they thought. But that's what I interpret it as. 

Hey, at least both items are on sale. You can get 'em while they're in stock and you are then fully prepared for anything life hands you.

Or that you do. 

Like the guy in Florida who felt "disrespected" when a 17-year-old didn't turn down the music in his car. 

So he shot him. And of course, claimed that he "thought" he saw a gun. And felt "threatened." 

Apparently, in Florida, "Stand Your Ground" means "shoot 17-year-old black kids"... The closing arguments are today and I wonder what the verdict will be this time.

You'd think you could assume the verdict, right? Not so much. Google "Trayvon" if you're still confused as to why this isn't an open-and-shut case...

Random Picture...
Raisa & Tippi

See? They're getting a little better. I admit, this one had me flashing back to River and Tippi - they really got along well. 

I'm always positive - at least I hope I am. I'm positive that we'll be fine and everyone will get along. Eventually. I don't expect perfection immediately. The reason River was our "robo-dog" was because she got along with EVERYONE. There will never be another River. 

Just like there'll never be another Tippi. Or another of any other dog I've ever had. 

Each one has been an addition to our lives, and of course, when they died, they left a hole. 

Another dog can't fill that hole. In fact, sometimes I think I'm making holes by continuing to have dogs in our lives. But they're the kind of holes that I would like to believe make me a better person. 

Like the saying goes: "I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am." 

Hug your dogs. It's just that kind of day. 

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