Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So Here's the Thing...

I just took a look at my schedule for the next few weeks.


Last night, I had pity on myself since I was still a little in "migraine hangover" territory and I didn't assist at the Basic Yoga class.

Today, I taught my normal 9 a.m. class. Tonight, I teach a community class at Prairie Yoga. Tomorrow night, I teach my normal Yin class at 7 p.m.

I realized that even in the midst of teacher training, I'm actually present and either teaching or assisting at THREE yoga classes a week. FOUR if I'd shown up on Monday. Mind you, I do have a bank of sequences lined up; and I think I'm pretty good at adjusting on the fly.

But I'm wondering how in the name of Virasana (Hero Pose) I got myself into teaching that much right off the bat.

Ok, the community class is part of the training. I have another one near the end of July; I wanted to get them over with. And during that, I'm only actually teaching 1/2 hour of the 1.5 hour class. But it's prep time as well.

The Tuesday class, in all honesty, may not hang for the full summer. We really need to get more folks in there. Yin will probably go forward, because those of us who really love Yin will always show up.

Just a little overload.

And the blue Chandelier Lace? Frogged. AGAIN. There's some serious Karma here, people.

The yarn can't decide if it really wants to BE that scarf. But it's gotta be something. Maybe I'll look at a different lace pattern.

I really like knitting lace. Truly, I do. It's beautiful. And I'm fairly good at it. But for some reason... hmmmmmmmmmmmm - stress???? -- it's not turning out like I want it to.

So I started on the Trekking XXL yarn. I'm doing a Really Easy Sock pattern. And it really is easy. I am starting, on the advice of Doris, my sock-knitting guru, with 3 rows of plain knit. I have "biker calves" and I also cast on tight, even using a needle a couple of sizes larger. So Doris suggests the 3 rows of knit, to ease the top of the sock. The sock starts, then, with a k1, p1 cuff of a dozen rows.

Then it goes into a 3x2 rib. I've got the teal for Ovarian Cancer Research, and I'm not participating in the toe-up KAL. I don't want to. But I did want to knit something in this yarn. I think it's going to be lovely in the wide rib. Of course, that's the whole leg, and across the instep. The foot is a fairly straightforward flap heel and then the toe decrease. We shall see if we get the "elfin" toes again.

And I think that once I'm on the leg, I'll go back to the blue silk yarn. By then, perhaps, it will have decided to behave, and I'll be a tad calmer. But I do need to get to it by the end of this month; it's a Christmas gift. And yeah, it's only July.

Speedy Knitter I am not. Off to go grab my decaf tea and work a little more on that cuff.

I feel as if I've gotten a bit more rest in the last day, though there's still something "off." Maybe it's nerves about this class, which is odd, since I've been teaching for a few months. We will be getting evaluated, and all I can keep repeating is "they're not going to throw you out!"

Will let you know how it turns out. What's your summer knitting looking like?

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