Monday, July 15, 2013

American Justice? Post-Racial? Not.

Current Events...

I'm sure we can, each and every one of us, agree that George Zimmerman got away with murder.

What's particularly galling for me, and had I been on the jury, what would've been the tipping point, was the dispatcher's conversation with Zimmerman:

D: Are you following him?
Z: Yeah.
D: We don't need you to do that...

(this is not an exact quote)

"We don't need you to do that." And yet he did. Expressly against the advice of the dispatcher, whose job it is to send out the appropriate authorities. 

One wonders what would've happened if he'd have listened. But now we know what happens when you ignore the advice of the professionals.

I know that my kids are more color-blind than even those in my generation. But my generation (the tail end of the Baby Boom) is nowhere near post-racial. Look at Washington if you really need to see proof.

A bunch of white mostly-males in the House and Senate are gagging at the prospect of the Black Guy leaving any legacy other than abject failure. 

What we got for our complacency in the mid-terms was a rout. What we'll get if we're not careful - and by "careful" I mean "get off your rear end and do something" - is the government we totally deserve: Of the corporations, for the corporations and by the corporations. 


No knitting news. Still working on the sock. Oh, yeah, I do have knitting news. I can apparently take my knitting on our airplane trip in August. In my carry-on. On the same needles it's already on! Yay! I will still stick the socks in the checked bag. You never know when you'll need more than one project.

Going to the Knitting Guild expo in Indianapolis this week. I had to search up some circulars in both a 16" cable and a 40" cable. I didn't have the size 8-9 they wanted, so I'm going with my size 7s. I know the rudiments of the Magic Loop technique and I'm sure my size 7s will be fine. I've got no need for 8s on a 40" cable! Not buying them if this is the only thing I'll use them for. 

Not sure if I'll be taking my laptop. If I get a chance to, maybe I'll do that, but I'm still not sure. I'm going with friends, so I'd rather socialize with them than check FaceBook and my e-mails. 

The Twins...

No, I don't have pictures. I wish. But I did get my "twins fix" this past Sunday at my mom's dinner. We got to hold them for a while before the food came. Avery is a watcher. She's a quiet one and I bet that as she gets older, she'll be the instigator... Just my own opinion.

Benjamin is going to be just like his big brother: you will KNOW when Benjamin is in the room! 

At 4 months, my kids said they're "too floppy" for them to hold; but I enjoyed it. Also was happy to give them back. 

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