Monday, March 05, 2012

They're Still Missing the Point...

...about the Limbaugh debacle. Mind you, I think this is a long-time-coming event, and he needed his fat head burst a while ago.

But the whole point of Ms. Fluke's testimony was about the non-contraceptive use of birth control and it was about her friend.

Her testimony centered around a friend who needed these pills because of ovarian cysts. And let me tell you - I've had them and it's quite painful. In addition, I did need surgery, but in the meantime, the cysts were contained somewhat by The Pill.

This has all been lost in the "Rush" to get ratings. He's totally convoluted the story -- which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. He's made it obscene. And by the way, he's shown his own ignorance (again, surprise?).... Apparently he believes that The Pill is the same as Viagra: you take it each time you want to have sex.

Well, anyone with one working brain cell, whose mind hasn't been addled by an oxycontin addiction, knows that The Pill is taken once a day for 3 weeks at a time. (Well, 4 if you use the new versions to only have a period once per quarter.)

I am stunned that the Republicans have had such a tepid response. They are still worried about "offending" him.

How about the 3-day rant against a private citizen and her parents? How about the impugning of a well-respected school? How about the rant against the president of that school? How about a faux-pology that only said he was sorry for using "the wrong words"?

You don't have any credibility if you use those "wrong words" for three days against a young woman who was exercising her lawful right of free speech.

What if the bullies do take over, and they exercise their rights of free speech by bullying the rest of us who are then scared to exercise our rights of free speech? Does that mean that only the bullies will be allowed to speak? This is a scary slope, folks, because unless we grow a spine and actually speak to those advertisers and say, "Hey, we don't do hate speech" -- then the bullies will take over.

The only way to stop this is by talking to the sponsors. We may never (regretfully) see a Rush-free airspace, but we can make him uncomfortable by contacting his sponsors and making our opinion know by exercising our right of commerce.

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