Monday, March 05, 2012

Just WHAT is he thinking???

OK, I never blog twice in one day. Except that I just read about some particularly awful legislation pending in the State of Illinois, and I would urge you to contact your legislator and the originator of this piece of garbage to protest. I can't believe this guy is a Democrat.

It's called the Ultrasound Opportunity Act  (HB4085) and it's a blatant slap in the face of women who are seeking the legal medical procedure known as an abortion. It forces the doctor to fill out yet more paperwork, and do an ultrasound (another medical procedure) on a woman prior to her having said LEGAL procedure.

WHAT is Rep. Lyons (contact him at if you'd like to ask him!) thinking? He's sponsoring this bill when Illinois is, frankly, in the crapper.

Our finances are shredded. Our economy is coming back, but we've also increased our taxes to the point where people need AEDs to shock their hearts back into beating when they see their tax bills. Our schools are a shambles, in about 80% of the school districts. Our reputation as a state is also the butt of many a late-night comic, thanks to having 2 of our last governors convicted of multiple charges.

So Rep. Lyons thinks this bill is a good idea. Can't imagine what else he might have going on. Like maybe the fact that Illinois infrastructure is in disrepair and we could certainly use the jobs? Like maybe the fact that companies are leaving this state in droves, and perhaps we should do something constructive to lure them back? Like maybe figuring out how to fix DCFS to take care of the children ALREADY BORN here? So caseworkers don't get 20 cases in 1 week and kids are continually put in peril? Like maybe --- ANYTHING but intruding farther into the rights - the legal rights - of women?

I don't need Illinois in my uterus. I need Illinois to pay attention to the business before it which concerns all of us. I need Illinois to not be like those other states making these foolish stumbling blocks specifically aimed at anyone without a penis.

Contact Rep. Lyons and ask him: What ARE you thinking?

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