Monday, March 12, 2012

Liberty Wool Ball...

OK, so I really couldn't think of a snappy title today. It's been a distressing afternoon; more on that in a minute.

Here's a picture of mitt #2... and notice the color. Then notice the colors coming up in the ball. You'll notice the red-pink stuff. And you may remember the colors the ball started out with: greys, purples, etc.

What a surprise! Much like life, this ball of Liberty Wool is certainly filled with something I wasn't expecting. It makes me kind of curious as to how this will eventually lay out. There's a big chunk of grey in the first mitt and lots of purple. I'm about half-way through this one and it looks like I'll be hitting a swath of pink. And on the picture in the pattern, there's blue in this ball somewhere. I'm liking the feel of it, and it blocked out nicely. I'll have to get a shot of mitt #1 as it's on the blocking board. Somehow, it got crazy and I didn't get to it.

The distressing news? Hubby called me at lunchtime telling me that Elder Dog had a "massive" seizure. She's 12; she'll be 13 in July. She's got glaucoma, arthritis and Cushing's Disease. Up till that phone call, she was doing well, all things considering. Now, I'm waiting for his report because the vet was seeing her this afternoon. Here's a picture of my beautiful girl. Now that she's "elderly" she's also developed a good sense of "selective hearing." Ha. She can hear a banana being opened while she's sleeping, but she doesn't hear me call her name.

And, awfully enough, Kid #2 witnessed it. You have to understand that he also witnessed his friend's dog (a 15 y/o pit bull) have a seizure, and though Winston had many more health issues, he knew that Winston was put down the next day.

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter whether you're 23 or 54. It's shocking. I've got epilepsy; My kids have never witnessed a seizure, but my last big one? Hubby got me through it. It's scary if you don't know what's going to happen, and it's scary when the dog has one and then it's put down.

I will call Kid #2 and talk to him after we hear what the vet says. Our dogs are our family; we don't want to see them suffer and to have this happen to her was certainly shocking. The best news is that at least Hubby was home. Normally, he takes the elkhounds for a walk at around that time; but luckily he hadn't left.

Right now, there's not much they can do. It's "only" her first seizure, and though it was 4 minutes long, it's something that we just have to watch. We will have a blood panel run just to see if there's an issue, but neurological testing at this point wouldn't be productive. Fingers crossed we'll have a couple more good years with her.

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