Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I've Been Thinking About...

1.  The earthquake in Japan was NOT... repeat N-O-T because they're "not a Christian nation." That's pure xenophobia. Get over yourself if you think that.

2.  The earthquake in Japan was NOT... repeat N-O-T "retribution" for Pearl Harbor.

3.  Three words: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

4.  Two atom bombs which flattened large areas and killed millions of civilians kind of evened that score.

5.  I realize that in Japan, "face" is everything, but since you're pretty much on the brink of a global nuclear disaster, please put national pride aside and give the authorities the true measure of the damages. I'm hearing disturbing reports that Japanese officials are not actually 'fessing up to the extent of the damage in the reactor. Let's get real and understand that nobody will condemn you (or at least they shouldn't) if you tell the truth. Only by telling the truth about the extent of the damage can other nations help or prepare their own countries.

6.  Earily enough, today I have a seminar at work on process safety....

7.  If you believe that Japan "deserved" what it got, I suggest you get rid of your Japanese-made TV/stereo, your Japanese-made cell phone, microwave, most of the other appliances in your house, and your car.

8.  It's a small planet. We're all going to be affected by this.

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