Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings...

1.  I couldn't be a talk show host. This guy just went in circles around the host, who kept trying to just get one-word-in-edgewise. Yeesh! I'd have to holler, "STOP IT!"

2.  Libya? Can we really be in a third war? Evil dictators do need to go, and the mass slaughter of peaceful demonstrators --- those are things that need to change. But do WE need to do that?

Organ Pipes Pattern
3.  I've decided on the name:  "5 Times Prayer Shawl" -- because I've started this thing 5 times and I really need to do a couple of things: Get it done; and listen to what the yarn wants to do. This yarn obviously didn't want to be lace!

4.  Tilt your head sideways to look at the picture. I have 4 balls of yarn to do this - about 1100 yards. I will do 1 ball of the Organ Pipes pattern on each end, and the middle will be in Stockinette Stitch.

5.  Full moons affect dogs!! Tippi was a bit nuts at training Sunday, but so was every other dog in PetSmart!

6.  Puppy pictures can make a really rotten day seem a little lighter. Not the cutesy ones you get in chain e-mails, but the ones friends send you.

7.  I found a tear in my favorite blue chair! Yikes, now I have to find someone to fix it! It's right on the seat, and it's a Laz-Y-Boy Queen Anne style recliner chair. My feet hit the floor in this chair, and they don't hit the floor on the couch!

8.  I went to a fancy-dress event on Saturday and saw TWO WOMEN in the exact top I almost bought.

9.   And saw one of my own friends in the dress I dithered about buying, and ended up not buying after all. Fashion faux-pas avoided!

10.  If you pray, pray for the people of Japan. If you don't pray, do something to acknowledge the disaster they are dealing with. No matter how much we plan or try to build, nothing - absolutely nothing - will stop Mother Nature when she's having a fit. This was nobody's fault and it was nobody's "payback."

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