Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Musings...

Well, I don't have a cohesive commentary today. So here we go with a few random thoughts.

1.  My garnet prayer shawl is now on its FOURTH reincarnation. You know when you have something you're working with and it just keeps fighting you?? Well, I really really wanted to do this shawl in a lace pattern. But I literally ripped it out 3 times and couldn't get the lace pattern to work. I got tired of fighting the yarn, so I have re-started. At least I can bring this one to my Election Judge duties...the pattern is very textured, but it's one that I can't screw up easily. I hope.

2.  The new pattern is called "Pipe Organ" - which is fitting, since the recipient is an organist.

3.  May I say I love Senator Bernie Sanders?? His outspoken common-sense opinions are a breath of fresh air.

4.  And the Vermont governor is the ONLY governor in the US who's stood up with unions. At least someone realizes that unions aren't all the demonized evils they've been portrayed as on the TV. Besides, name me a top corporation without corruption?? Didn't think so.

5.  My new contacts are taking forever (in my opinion) to get used to. I forget to blink. My eyes are dry. I'm trying the "monovision" thing where one eye is close and one eye is far; my brain's still trying to catch on to that...

6.  Do NOT train your dog in the same class with your husband. And your dog's daughter in the class. Hubby picked up some bad habits from his favorite trainer (who has since left); and Tippi got all bent out of shape when Quinn decided to make friends with Shallot. To the point where, when we had to act as "distractions" to the other dogs, Quinn would heel all the way over on the other side since she apparently got Tippi's message of "don't mess with Shallot."

7.  Yes, I should've put on the tinted moisturizer today; my face feels blotchy. No eye make-up yet, if ever...I do have my limits!

8.  I'm wearing a really nifty silk scarf I got from Smithsonian: It's got a motif of license plates where, if you read them aloud, they are the preface to the Constitution. It's amazing to see the lights go on when people "get" what it says!

9.  P.D. James is one awesome writer; I could re-read her stuff forever!

10. isn't as easy as it looks. I'm trying to do the family tree for my dad's side. Nobody's left who knows all the details, though my mom knows some. It's not as easy as "enter the name and you get a leaf." It's interesting, and I hope to have it ready for my family by Christmas, but it's gonna be a long slog!

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