Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tink, Tink, Tink...

Well. That WAS going well... Till it wasn't. 

I was zipping along on the February Lady Sweater. It's a 4-row, 7-stitch variation on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Gull Lace pattern, and somehow, somewhere, I ended up screwing something up on the last Row 1 pattern. I was off one stitch. 

So, for some reason (I'm going with "I was tired.") I thought I didn't need to fix it, and that I could fudge it on Row 3 (which is the next pattern row - rows 2 & 4 are purl rows). Went ahead and knitted row 2, knitted row 3....annnnnnnnnd - I'm like 3 or 4 stitches off. In lace, this is massively off. Tremendously off. Incredibly off. 

Un-fudgeably off. 

The photos here don't show the screw-up. I've been busy (read on) and I didn't take a picture of the mess-up because I can't see it. I could "feel" it, but till I tink. And tink. And tink.... I won't be able to actually see what I screwed up. 

For the non-knitters, "tink" is, aside from the word "knit" backwards, the universal knitting term for "frog." "Frog is the slang for "ripping back" - think about it. 

What sound does a frog make? "Ribbit, ribbit." So, knitters who were probably sleep-deprived and on a knitting deadline that was non-negotiable (babies and Christmas are the two biggies - weddings come in a very close third...) coined the term "frog" -- as if to say, "Rip-it, rip-it."

You get your fun where you make it. Tinking is a pain. Tinking LACE? Even bigger pain. This is where I usually screw it up even more by dropping a stitch. 

OK, now I have to spit and turn around 3 times, so I don't jinx myself. 

I took these pictures to show my friend "D." She's the one who gave me the yarn. And she's not feeling well. Even though she's pulled back from knitting and prefers quilting (sorry, but shoot me now...), she still is an expert knitter and I value her opinion. 

She was cheered up at the notion that the yarn was being used and was happy that I chose this pattern. 

Well, we'll see how this goes as I tink it and fix it. 


Still on the "orthodontic diet," and finding different things to eat. I've been able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, as long as I cut them into a zillion bitsy pieces. I have no idea why this is such a problem, but it is. It's annoying. 

Tonight, for some reason, the braces are really bothering my mouth. I may have to break out the orthodontic wax for overnight. 

I had read some ways to change things up, and one of them was to use mayo instead of butter on a grilled cheese. I thought, oh, I don't think so... 

It doesn't cut the fat. C'mon - it's a grilled cheese. You need "real" cheese, and you need bread, and butter. 

Or mayo. Seriously. It's got to be real mayo, not the low-fat or (God forbid) "miracle" mess.

What it does is spread more easily than butter, and it has the ability to brown more evenly and make a more crisp grilled cheese. 

And it does. It's delicious. Try it. I mean it. Even cut into baby-sized bites, it's amazing. 


So who knew that there was COCONUT sweetened condensed milk? I had to make some cookies and the recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free. It also uses Young Living Essential Oils - from their "Vitality" line. 

I have to futz with the recipe because it didn't turn out like the pictures. The cookies were flatter, rather than round and "truffle" looking. I think it's that there isn't enough coconut. 

Once it's perfected, I'll share, but let me experiment first. I ended up baking the cookies for a workshop I did, called "Essential Oils for Dogs," and my friend and mentor, G, loved the flat ones. 

They were delicious. Just not pretty. Pretty counts in baking. 

I've used the essential oils in cooking and baking for the past few months. They really add a pop of flavor. I use orange or tangerine in my green smoothies. I use the dill or basil in marinades or salad dressings. Since the oils are 100% therapeutic-grade and we have our Seed-to-Seal process (the best in the industry), I'm sure that what I'm ingesting is not going to hurt me. 

Curious? Let me know. 

New Job...

The new job is going well. While I miss the people at the old job, I enjoy the creativity I'm able to enlist in the new job. I'm writing a lot more, and I'm working on some exciting projects. 

Now I will tell you - the commute is annoying! There are really only three definite ways to get there. There's a lot of truck traffic. And every time someone sneezes on one of the interstates around here? It's like everyone has to stop and think about it. 

I've researched, and unless I want to go through neighborhoods, I kind of have to take one of the 3 main ways - so I try to leave at the same time every day and not press my luck with the crazy drivers!

I'm used to the part-time schedule, and I'm able to spend more time working with projects I didn't have time for before - working on some special workshops for the studio and increasing my private student base.

It was a good move. 

Random Picture...

I haven't really taken many pictures lately. But here's one of Tippi - she's always my favorite model. She loves to pose. Doesn't necessarily love the hats, but loves to make people smile. 

She just had some dental work done. I'd have to say that teeth are an issue. She gets dental chews and eats dry kibble...and still. Tooth problems. 

They extracted two teeth which were broken. We caught it before they were infected, thankfully - and somehow, it never dimmed her appetite!

As long as they were there, they cleaned her teeth too. She's got several weeks to recuperate - gums are still a tad tender, and so I don't want to push things. No chews for another 10 days or so. She's not impressed and is quite put out when the other girls get THEIR chews and she's left with...squat. 

For now, her teeth are sparkly-clean. As soon as she's ready, I'll be back to brushing her teeth and hopefully that gorgeous smile will be around for quite some time.

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