Saturday, April 08, 2017

How Do You Know When The Universe is Speaking...

To put it mildly, I've been frustrated recently. I try to tamp it down, and you can imagine how well that works. 

It doesn't. Not always. So I get snappish. Or I make mistakes. 

I complained to Hubby. Well, to put it rightly, I've BEEN complaining to Hubby. He knows that I've been in need of a change. I've talked to my friend. And I've cudgeled my brain trying to think of a way to make that change without too much disruption in our lives as they are right now. 

That's gotta mean something, right? 

Well...The Universe answered. I can't say a whole lot just yet, but this time, I'm listening to the Cosmic Thump On the Head. I can't afford not to.

Essential Oils...

I think I may have a problem. It's a good problem to have, but it's a problem! Anyway, so far, this is my collection of oils. I use 90% of them, and I'm learning about the other 10%. I enjoy learning about how they support your system, and support you even emotionally. 

I have looked into several different companies, and I'm working with Young Living Essential Oils because I'm convinced they're the best on the market. 

100% pure, therapeutic grade. So much research, so much quality control. They have a "Seed to Seal" concept that's amazing. 

I'm even using them on the elkhounds: both to quell their fears during thunderstorms and fireworks, and on Quinn's skin issues. So, once the Franken-elkie heals, we're back on our regimen. Right now, she's recuperating from the most recent surgery, though I'll still use a bit of lavender when the weather is dicey or people are shooting off boom-booms! She loves her Lavender ear/back rubs. 


I did put the socks in a bag, but I haven't had time to knit anywhere with it! I'm taking it tomorrow, to my Mom's house. Especially since the mom-to-be will be there, and I don't want her to see what I'm knitting. The shower is coming up fast, so I've got to get moving! 

I'm on the left side now, thank goodness! And it appears to be going well. I think it'll work out. Now, I need to find the pattern for the booties. I don't remember what I did with it. I'll have to go digging if I can't find it, and I don't want to waste time trolling through Ravelry. Not that it's ever a waste of time entirely, but let's say it's time I don't have right now!

If nothing else, I finish what I've got and do booties for Christmas. Either way, an afghan, hat and sweater? Not shabby. 

They're having a "diaper raffle" - which is kind of cool: bring in a pack of any kind of diapers, and you can be entered to win a prize. I may find some cloth ones...Always good for burp cloths, and other uses!


So tomorrow is our "Easter." Yeah, I know - it's really Palm Sunday. But if you're a regular reader, you may remember that, except for Christmas Eve, we usually celebrate the holidays a week early. Let's just say: in-laws. And we'll leave it right there...

It's the "gathering of the clan" tomorrow, and we did the ham and deviled eggs. And we've got the potica. My mom's doing most of the other stuff, and my sister's bringing a salad. 

She called in a blind panic because she's apparently lost the only copy of my dad's vinaigrette recipe. I mean she's got the only written copy - or not... We're still not sure if she's found it yet. But apparently, we're all getting copies for Christmas IF she finds it!

I hit Pinterest for something I did a couple of years ago: dyed deviled eggs. This time, it was a different technique, but here they are, in all their neon glory. The colors should deepen a bit overnight, so they may be more vivid. I had Hubby boil 14 eggs - and we ruined at least 2 of them in the un-shelling. He did most of it, for which I was grateful. 

An $11,000 screw in my left thumb, and my egg-peeling career is essentially over! 

The ham has a nice pineapple glaze on it. It'll be room temperature, with "funeral potatoes" (don't make me think you don't know what I mean!), a salad, nadif (a Croatian dish that's incredibly labor-intensive), and rolls in case someone wants to make a sandwich. Oh, and the technicolor eggs! And desserts. 

Mother Nature's Glory...

Speaking of technicolor. This is an unretouched photograph of the sunset from this past Thursday. I got home from teaching my yoga class at my studio, Just Breathe Yoga, and this was what I saw. 

I walked into the house, dumped my gear and walked right out the front door (western exposure) with my camera. 

We're not often lucky enough to see this. And I stood out there for a good 10 minutes, watching. 

Breathing. Looking. Seeing. Feeling. 

Ties, Ties Everywhere...

My friend Wendy handed me a bag last week at church. I had no idea what she was thinking, but then she said, "Your son might like these." 

Apparently, she cleaned out her husband's tie drawer. Roy died at least 4 years ago. There are some amazing ties in there. 

The Kid loves oddball ties. He'll go bananas. 

Oh, and that purple one with the sailboats on it? Ralph Lauren. $115. For a tie. 

So there are a number of Christmas ones, some that look "vintage," and quite honestly? Some rather ugly ones. 

But they're all, for the most part, good quality ties, and he'll be happy to wear them and they won't go to waste.

And no. I haven't finished knitting the green one that I started. I need to pull that out of the closet, but I also have to find the directions. I suppose it can't be that hard: it's all linen-stitch but I know somewhere, there were decreases. Just not sure where. 

Ravelry, here I come!

Random Picture...

Tippi has been extra-cuddly lately. Some days, she snugs right up against my chair. 

Today we had an adventure. We took them all to PetSmart to meet with our trainer. She had a 5-month old male Elkhound who needed a little exposure to other dogs. 

So, our "robo-dog" was called in. Quinn and Raisa had their chance, but Tippi was the main dog to do the most interaction with the pup.

Then, on the way out, she decided she had to poop out her excitement. A large, large, smelly poop. 

She's a low-squatter, and it was muddy. Suffice to say, there was clean-up involved. 

Anyway, she came home happy and somewhat pooped out (literally and figuratively) and promptly took a nap. Alongside my chair.  

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