Friday, April 28, 2017

...And a Drumroll, Please...

...because I have news. 

So, from the last post, I know you can figure something was up. And it is. I'm moving to a new challenge. I'm going to be the Operations Manager for a chiropractic firm. It's part-time, and I can work on the yoga studio and my Young Living Essential Oils business too. 

I've never worked in the medical field before - but I've done a lot of other things. My "liberal arts" background comes into play here, for sure! I'll also be working on the social media aspect of the practice, blogging, working on connecting and expanding the practice. Once I get settled, I'll know more. He's willing to take me on, and we'll see how this goes. 

I start May 15. I'm envisioning my future as a path that I can forge. I have the tools, and I have the impetus to do this. I need to make the changes for myself, for my family. 


The layette is coming along. Apparently, according to my mom, the theme is "rubber duckies" and thankfully, I was able to find a card with a big ol' ducky on it!

The sweater turned out nicely, even though I had to do a little fiddling with the yarn because of the difference in weight. It's a slight difference, but enough to throw things off. 

The booties are done, and the hat is coming along. I think I'll finish by the end of the weekend. 

What I was thinking was, since I have extra of the other yarn used for other projects, I could throw together a couple more pairs of booties. Because the pattern literally takes an hour per bootie if I concentrate, I can toss together at least 2 pairs more, and have a bit of a "wardrobe" of booties for the new little one. I have the pumpkin orange and the black-and-white, and they're both Cascade superwash wool. That's what I'm going back to using. Even if it's a little more pricey - for this kind of thing, I'd rather stick with a yarn that's reliable and works well with the whole project. 

I will still use the Encore Worsted for the afghans, and I'll use the 8-hour afghan patterns. Are they as gorgeous as my granny's? Not really. I mean, they're not intricate - they don't call 'em "8-hour afghans" because of the complex patterns! But they're nice, the yarn is durable enough, and I can get it locally. 

I'm not sure how to finish the hat. Of course, since we don't know the gender, I'm staying away from anything "obvious." 

So -- a flat top, just a regular swirly decrease? Or an I-cord with a knot in it? Or, since I finish with 9 stitches, do I do TWO I-cords, so that I can EITHER tie them in a bow, OR knot them?


I'll tell you one thing I'm not jazzed about, and I'm glad it's only on the hat, where it can kind of hide.... THIS... 

That little off-color brown bloopie thing has occurred in the rolled brim (where you can't see it) and here along the side. Dang. I'm not happy. It's in the yarn. And of course, far enough along where I don't want to frog it, cut it and piece it together. And I noticed a few other bits of the yarn that have this same problem. I'll take a photo of the finished project and email Universal Yarns. They need to watch this kind of stuff, and I'm not necessarily being a Grumpy Gail, but this is a baby gift. I don't want it to look like I've splashed tea on the hat!

I thought I took pictures of the booties. But I suppose I'll have to unwrap them and do that again.

At the Doctor's Office...

Recently, I had to go in for a physical. I needed a refill of a medication and they wouldn't do it till I saw a doctor. It's not like it was forever, but it had been two years. 

My doctor is thrilled at my "orthodontic diet" and weight loss. I'm hoping I can keep it off after my teeth are fixed! I think I'm down around 25 lbs., and it fluctuates a few pounds here and there. 

Anyway, this sign was right next to the scale. I love this sign. Absolutely adore it. 

Read it. Share it. Embrace it. 

Yes, I just talked about weight, and in the correct context, weight does need to be discussed. But only within the realm of "what makes you healthy" and "what keeps your life long and full." Not "how skinny can I get?" Or "I'm sooooooooo fat!" 

Our lives are full of possibility and potential. We need to live our lives according to our true selves and not try to make ourselves into something - or someone - we're not. 

My Big Move is an attempt to do that. I want to move my life more toward what I need to do to not only contribute, but feel balanced. Hubby is a long-range planner, and I am too - to a certain extent. He worries that we need to be financially "safe" - and that's not a bad thing. 

But - I kept thinking, "What am I doing to myself?" With the A-fib, even though it's fixed, it can come back. And my doc is trying to get me off my migraine Rx - which my cardiologist thinks is part of the issue with the tachycardia. I want to get my heart rate consistently under what it is now... which is pretty much usually in the high 90s, even while resting, AND on enough beta blocker to (according to my doc) put a large man to sleep. 

And still, my heart beats well into the high 90s. I want to live a long, full, wonderful life. And remaking my relationship with work and life balance is the first step to that. What's the sense in saving for a "safe" retirement if I'm not healthy enough to enjoy it?

Spring Has Sprung...

Even though we're going on Week Two of "Yoga In the Garden" actually in the studio (thanks, Mother Nature), you can't keep a good plant down. This is my nearly-30-year-old bleeding heart. 

As you can see, it's taken over the northwest corner of my front porch, and it just keeps on coming back. 

I was able to split the Prairie Blazing Star for my friend C -- and now, since she's in the U.P. -- she has to have weather that's slightly warmer than the "late winter" they're currently experiencing in order to plant that. It looks like the Icelandic Poppy is coming back yet again, yay! And the lilacs are lovely. I did lose a Bee Balm, and I'm not sure if anything will grow on the "north" side of the lilacs. 

We're not sure what we're going to do with the veggie garden, and we aren't sure which (if any) herbs we'll plant. But we have time, since the weather is still a little funky.

Random Picture...

Tippi was a little down at her last therapy visit. I'm going to have to work with her in the next several months. Not only are we going to work on getting her to go up a ramp to get into the truck, but she and I are going to be doing some "walkies" to get her to try to trim down. Her food intake is right where it should be, and treats (at least from ME!!) are limited. But she's chunking up and I know her hips are bothering her. 

Yes, she's 9 now, but she's always had trouble with her weight and as she gets older and wants to slow down, we need to keep her moving. 

We're going to our last therapy visits for the semester next week, so we shall see how she gets on with it. 

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