Monday, August 25, 2014

Who's New.... (WARNING: SPOILERS!!)


Don't say you haven't been warned. Twice. 

Well. Welcome Peter Capaldi. By the way, it's Ca-PAL (as in "he's a pal of mine")-di, not what I first assumed, which was "pall" - live and learn, right?

Twelfth Doctor
So what did you all think? I have to admit that the Scottish accent was a bit thick for me - and I think it was just a part of the acting; I mean, we all know the Doctor is usually discombobulated after a regeneration, so I'm thinking that confusion + Scottish = wow, I can't understand half of what he's saying!

Love, LOVE the costume, by the way. Puts me in mind of The Master's look, if you recall. And as one of the BBC costume folks mentioned, "it'll be easy for kids to imitate this costume" and thus increase the number of Whovians! Actually, if I were to be invited to a costume party this Halloween, I might attempt this myself! It's a great look, though I do need a sonic screwdriver...

The TARDIS? Well, I think it's interesting. Do love the bookshelf. I like that it seems to be "cleaner" than the past 2 of them -- didn't like the "grunge" look of past TARDIS incarnations. 

There's been a lot of angst on the message boards and on FaceBook about how everyone feels. And really? Let's put it in perspective - at least a perspective that I understand: When NCIS (one of my other favorites) replaced Ziva, the explosions!! Wow - you'd have thought that the world was ending! 

We need to get over it. In order for any TV series to continue to prosper, occasionally changes will be made to major characters. 

Ninth Doctor
And really? The REGENERATION is what has kept Dr. Who on TV for so long! 

As far as the last scene (let's call it The Phone Call) --- well, I'm of 2 minds. It seemed as if Peter C. was pleading for all of us to "see me in this body." I mean, let's go back to the scene with Clara and Jenny when Clara bemoans the "new" Doctor. Jenny, looking wise beyond her years, says in so many words, "My wife is a lizard." 

It's a real "get over it" moment. And I'm almost inclined to think The Phone Call was a bit too much. It showed the immaturity of Clara's character. I remember Rose's relative equanimity when Eccleston changed to Tennant. She was a bit nonplussed at first, but she rolled with it. There wasn't any of this "I don't know who the Doctor is" stuff. 

And if you caught it, during the part of the episode in the basement of the restaurant, Peter C's doctor muttered, "This is when I miss Amy!" Did you catch that one? Priceless. 

In terms of companions, it'll also be interesting to see who the new companion is. Clara leaves in the upcoming Christmas special. There is a rumor here that she "may or may not" be leaving, but definitely a second companion has been selected. 

And for those folks on the message boards who are snarking about "Where has Matt Smith been now that he's not The Doctor?" Well, if you look - he's been on stage. And really, aside from a few little flashbacks, I think that each Doctor who's been there before needs a short cameo and then needs to step aside to let the new Doctor begin to be who he is. 

I rather think I'm going to like this newer, "ruder" Doctor. He's a nice link back to the original Doctor, plus a dash of Doctor Number Nine - his first episode with Rose wasn't exactly as dashing as it could have been. If I remember correctly, he told her to "shut up." 

Anyway, keep watching. It'll be worth it, no matter who is Who!

Random Picture...

Passing your Canine Good Citizen test is hard work! Downright exhausting, as a matter of fact! Raisa passed. Can you believe it?? At 11 months old, she managed to hold it together enough to pass her CGC. I have to get her PALS registration going and then we're going to work with her a bit more before we take her to the TDI exam. 

I'm now a Canine Good Citizen!
She's still a puppy. This morning, when I was doing my yoga, and coming in and out of Chair Pose (Uttkatasana, if you want the Sanskrit), when I would come down into the squat, she'd put both paws into my hands. Cute, but we have to work on her "grabbiness" and a bit of her mouthing still happening. 

All in all, though, she's going to be a good one. Once she starts maturing a bit. 

But then again, don't we all seem to gain wisdom as we mature? Or at least hope we do?

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