Thursday, August 21, 2014

Likely to Be a Quickie...

...for lots of reasons. Maybe even time to go into a few of them...


I'm on The Endless Foot. I swear, I've been knitting on this sock for 3 days, and my tape measure still says 6.5"... And yes, I'm knitting at least 2 or 3 rounds before I measure. 

It's never gonna end. The Teal Sock will haunt me all of my days. Remember, this is the pair with the mis-matched heels. And it's Trekking, on size 2, I think. So it's loose besides. 

I'm sure "A Nice Ribbed Sock" is a lovely pattern. I just have a hate on for it at the moment. 

What I'm NOT hating are the new bags from Chicken Soup Designs. Lookeee!!!! Just in time for the new Doctor! These were a special order, limited edition, and I got all 3. Really. What? You expected I wouldn't?

I've got a Dr. Who remix on my phone as my ringtone. Yes, I'm a "modern" doctor person, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the fact that a SciFi series from the UK has been around longer than our Star Trek conglomeration. Just that Dr. Who hasn't made many movies. 

Love that the lining is about "wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey" -- Not so sure about the purple Tardis, but since purple is my favorite color, I'm going with it. 


I could just spit. However, I'll take care of it in October. Apparently, there's an issue of my possibly being anemic for YEARS. And my GP didn't pick up on it. And he's an internist. But my cardiologist, who WAS an internist before he became an EP guy? He's not a happy camper.

And the non-constipating iron supplement appears to be wreaking havoc on my tummy. Not sure if it's helping, but I'm sort of committed to at least finishing the bottle. 

So the follow-up for the cardiologist, to see when I can come off the heart Rx is in October. Funny - the day AFTER my appointment for my annual physical with my GP. We shall have lots to discuss.

Random Picture...

See? I said this would be a quickie. I absolutely CANNOT wait to wear this. You have to have a passing familiarity with hip-hop to get this. Kid #2 says it's "awesome" and wants me to wear it the next time I come to visit him. 

Gotta love me some Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You know she's made the big time when there are hip hop references to her. You go, Ruthie - many more years, I hope!

How many other Supremes have had their faces on t-shirts? 

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