Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Had This All Written...(version 2)

Seriously, it was a rough night last night and during one of my "can't get back to sleep" phases, I actually had this entire entry written in my head. 

And I said, "Self, you have to remember this, 'cause you need to get it on the blog."

So of course, I've forgotten it. Entirely. Unless some synapse fires and I get another shot at it. 

I hate when that happens.


Slogging along on Teal #2. The heels are SO different that these are, I'm afraid, destined for Hiking Boots Only. 

Teal #2 Progress
Nope. Still can't find the notes on what I did for Sock #1. 

If it was only a MINOR difference in the heels, I'd just go ahead and be a "trend-setter." This is, sadly, now into "what the heck did you DO???" territory. So. 

Boot socks. 

As far as the leftover yarn, I will do two things, likely. First, I'd use the leftovers in Teal for cuff or heel/toe with a solid Trekking -- going down a needle size, since this is a thinner yarn than Opal. 

And second, add a few Teal Eggs to the Easter Tree!! I think they'd be cute. 

I can't wait to finish this sock. 

Though I'm still really all "awwwwwwwww" about my DPN holders from Clover. Sheep. Get it?


So, I ran into a "nurse joke" and it took me aback - I got a call from the other nurse in the cardio practice, and she had changed my procedure date up two days earlier, which was nice. Then she calls, and says, "I have to change it back. I'm assuming you'll want anaesthesia for this, right?"

Ummmmmmmmm. Yeah. 

Then, (smacking head) -- LOL. Sure, that's a good idea. Nurses have VERY strange outlooks on things.

Anyway, after 2 weeks of the cops and NO exercise to speak of, I am, of course, up several pounds. I'm sad to see them go but very happy their "poison pills" (a/k/a donuts from a lovely local shop!) are gone! 

I got on the bike yesterday, after work, and did a little over 6 miles. I'm sore. I have to "get back in the saddle" as it were. And I'm annoyed. I have "Map My Ride" and the first time, it did its thing just fine. THIS time? I have no idea what happened. I'd really rather track these things in "real time" instead of logging them later. Maybe I need to go back to the Android system for the tracking, though that's usually a bit off (like a mile or so) from the Windows version that Hubby's using. 

So perhaps I can get back on the bike today after work. It's 2 weeks of 6-days-per-week working and while I am not specifically whining, I'm kind of whining because I'm not used to it. 

Yes, I know that many people work two jobs, work 7 days a week, etc. And for a while, I was one of them. I truly appreciate the difficulties they have.

I'm just having a rough time with everything else going on, and it's wearing on me a bit. I promise I won't whine anymore. 

Kid #2...

So I did remember PART of what I wanted to say!! It's kind of Kid-related, and kind of Knitting-related.

He's thinking that "mid-July" will be his move-out date. That means I've gotta get that blasted chevron afghan done for Christmas at least. 

There's no way it will be done by move-out! 

We'll be "scavenging" among the family for things he can use till he gets his own house set up. It's a family tradition that certain pieces of furniture get handed down/handed over when needed. I've got some art, there's at least 1 set of dinnerware, some pots & pans. It'll all be a bit "eclectic" but it'll work. 

So our nest empties...

The Garden...

I don't have a decent picture and I have to tell you - it's amazing! I believe I can have radishes this weekend, and the lettuce is about ready. Yum!!!

Flower garden
The second batch of chives just is NOT liking that trough it's in. But the herbs in the Trug need to be harvested ASAP. They're going nuts. Strangely, the dill in the other trough out front is going incredibly well. Same dirt. Same kind of trough. Same sunlight. 

I will likely make some more Basil Jelly and perhaps see if I can find Tarragon Jelly as well, since that's exploding. Parsley will have to be frozen. I have the jelly jars. I just think parsley jelly will be a bit "whoooooooaaaa" -- but I do have walnuts, so maybe pesto??

Still haven't seen our full allotment of hummingbirds, and the petunias and fuschia are turning out nicely. Hubby says, though, that we'll see more of them as the summer moves on. 

We have to do something with the big blue birdbath (it's got a crack in it), and we've been thinking of some sort of water feature. It's kind of a problem because of the maple trees; all those twirly-gigs really mess with a pump. But I'd like to see something that's got movement because (a) it keeps the mosquitoes down; and (b) the birds like it. 

Random Picture...

Just in case you're whining about it being "hot" -- here's a reminder of what we just went through here in the Midwest. 

Or, if you have a desire to feel "cool" -- this might cool you off. 

Either way. 

Frankly, I'm a winter baby and I've always preferred the cooler weather. If I could find a place where the warmest it gets is about 70-75 degrees, I'd be fine. I don't really care how cold it gets.

Cold, I can bundle up.

Hot - there's only so much you can take off till it gets indecent...

Speaking of which, I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks. Business, sadly. Not looking forward to it. Anyway, I'll look forward to coming home to Hubby, the dogs and The Kid. It's nice to travel every once in a while by yourself. But it's even nicer to come home. 

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