Thursday, January 30, 2014

So THIS is How You Treat Kids??

Disturbing news from Utah. Apparently, rather than -- oh, I don't know -- not humiliating kids, a school in Utah decided to rip their lunches out from under their noses because their school fees weren't paid. In front of the entire student body. Click HERE to read the story. 

And they think that's ok. Look, if you have 40 families who haven't paid, you contact the families. And they give us a song and dance about how it was "over the weekend" when they found out. So it would've cost them to feed the kids? It cost them to throw the lunches away. 

Barbaric bullies. 

I understand that on some internet forums where this is posted, the comments are horrendous. Because, apparently in some folks' eyes, it's perfectly FINE to just whip a lunch out from under a kid in the middle of a crowded cafeteria. 

Because, by GOD we can't have those little (sputter, sputter, sputter) TAKERS mooching off the system. Because, by GOD - we have to show them how to pull themselves up by their BOOTSTRAPS. Because, by GOD - we have to show them we mean business.

So we, actually, THEY, the party of "right" and "christian," bully kids. Nice. Classy.

Still Winter...

Yep. I was slightly mistaken. The Polar Vortex stuff may stick with us till MARCH says Mr. Skilling. Here's what it looks like outside my window. It's blowing so hard that my window (actually, my east wall is a window) is "wobbling." Actually not wobbling like it's going to fall out, but just making noise because of the wind gusts, which are around 21 mph or so. 

We're under a "Special Weather Statement" that is now coupled with a "Winter Storm Watch." Basically: go into your home and don't come out till March! Gusting, blowing snow. Drifts. Ice where the snow polishes the road. This video is actually out my back door, and it was before it got to where it is now, which is pretty interesting. 


Taking another day off from knitting. Since we're in "winter weather lock-down" I figure I can get a bunch done on the afghan tomorrow. I'm not going anywhere. I do have to work Saturday, so I can even bring it then. 

I can't wait to do something -- ANYTHING -- other than this afghan, or frankly, ANY other afghan for a while. I need something quick and easy. Not that the afghan isn't easy, but it's surely not quick. 


So I'm going to take a couple of seminars. Some have to be taken to finish my certification, but there's a Feldenkrais workshop which doesn't count toward master hours, but does sound interesting. Feldenkrais is a kind of body work which enables you to more efficiently use your body to do your daily activities. 

I think that, since so many people are asking for gentle yoga and we're seeing more people either injured or recovering from injury - and also older folks, maybe this is a good thing to look at. I'm going to take it with my local teacher, which is exciting. 

Estate Drama...

So the other nephew is bugging my brother and I to GET THE CAR TRANSFERRED TO ME NOW!!! (Picture stomping foot of toddler here) 

Apparently, and I don't even want to know this much, he needs the aged car transferred to his name ASAP. Trouble is (a) it's currently registered in Indiana; and (b) he wants to do this TODAY and we need certified copies of documents, which he needs to send for. 

Bottom line is, this isn't happening today. And not likely tomorrow either. 

The kicker? He says to my brother, "Well, I can't take care of all of this because I work." 

Funny - that's the excuse Dead Brother used to use to get out of doing stuff he didn't want to do. 

I hate drama. 

Random Picture...

Quinn's nose. That is all. 
Quinn's nose

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