Thursday, January 02, 2014

It's Just January...

...not "snowpocalypse" or "snowmageddon." 

Get. Over. It. 

Snow 2014
It's snow. It's January. It's Illinois. It's normal(ish). Normal in that when I was growing up, this is what January looked like. But "ish" in the sense that I've noticed a great deal of climate change here. Too many winters have had us watching those north and south of us get bombarded, and too many summers in drought-like conditions.

So in my book, this is "just January" and we need to go out, have fun and build snowmen if we can! Actually, when Kid #2 gets back, I'm going to see if we can build one in the front yard. It's time! [Update: He said, "BAH Humbug." I guess that means "You're nuts."]

As an aside, I don't know what's up with Blogger... Lately, every time I blog, I get the "an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post" message. What's up with that?? Maybe it doesn't like my Windows 8.1 configuration? Get with the times, Blogger... 

So today, I was going to go into work for a few hours. Technically, we're back from holiday break. Realistically, it's Thursday. Nobody will be looking for us. So I went to the Main Campus to pick up mail. I got out of our alley (sliding a bit); got to the road (good); got to the highway and slid over one lane (not on purpose). I managed to get down the highway ok - it's only about 10 minutes from my house to the main campus. I slid into the drive of the university and slithered my way to the mail room. Got the mail, what there was of it.

And called my boss, saying, "Hey, Boss: SNOW DAY." She agreed. Had she not had an appointment with a Big Important Person, she'd have been at home, too! [Another UPDATE: We just got a blast text that said the campuses were closed. Yep. No kidding.]

Which brings me to...


I had a date with my friend to teach her to knit - or rather, reintroduce knitting to her. She cancelled because her subdivision hadn't even been plowed out. 

So I'm at home. I've shoveled, and as soon as I finish here, I'm getting back to the Nephew Afghan. I've got my chai, my movie channel on, and I'm ready to go. 


ClaHAM Chowder
The clam chowder in the crock pot turned out just fine last night, even though I did it wrong. I probably have too much cornstarch in it, but I have 3 containers to put in the freezer for later on. 

I'm actually calling this Cla-HAM Chowder. The recipe called for bacon or salt pork. Yuck. I had leftover ham, so I chopped it up and added it. No extra salt was needed, but the recipe (again) called for 3 1/2 teaspoons! Yikes!! That's too much, particularly if you did use either bacon or salt pork. I barely used a teaspoon of salt. Lots of fresh-ground pepper though, and for lunch today, I added a little sprinkle of chili powder.

The bread is an artisan loaf - 3-Cheese bread. Yummy. 

Sorry about the tilted picture. Squint and turn your head a bit...

Random Rant...

Sadly, this isn't actually "random" as I have the same rant every time it snows in this city. Every. Single. Time.

As I drove in my aborted attempt to go to work, I must once again complain. It's Illinois. It's January. It's snowing. 

For the love of what's holy, can people please clean off their cars! No portholes, folks, unless you're piloting a boat.

And by the way, lights would be good. You've got a grey or silver or dull-colored car, with an atmosphere where snow's flying, the light is low, and everything's kind of in black-and-white. Do you know how difficult it is to see you? 

And use some common sense when you're driving. 

To the guy in the small white Chevy: You cut off a snow plow. You ran a read light. I can guarantee you that the snow plow wouldn't have felt a thing.

You? Roadkill. 

Snow in the trees

Brought out the Big Camera and I've been taking some pics. I'll get those off the camera and posted in a later entry. Right now, Kid #2 is moaning about the camera "not being left-handed" but he's trying to photograph the birds anyway. 

He's looking to buy a Canon at some point, so it's good for him to get used to it.

I took the camera on the phone and took shots of the piles of snow, the dogs in the snow... Lots of things. I even got Tippi with a face full of snow. She was reluctant to pose, but that's too bad. I'm the one handing out the kibble here!


Got the walks shoveled. Got the entry to the alley shoveled. Got the trucks cleaned off and I drove up and down the alley a couple of times. I also got the birdfeeders filled, and cleaned out a couple that were clogged. 

Note to self: This spring, tear down each birdfeeder and scrub it thoroughly. I hate that job. But it does beat cleaning the bathroom. 

Dishes are almost done. I think I'll actually have a relaxing afternoon. I'm going to get The Kid to deal with the dogs. That's what he's here for, right?


THIS guy. I'm almost at a loss for words, however the comments on his thoroughly disgusting Facebook post do make up somewhat for what has been running through my mind.

Gun lubricant labeled "Liberal tears." Making fun of the shootings in Newtown. 

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, BIG MAN there, dude. Must be compensating for a small penis. And an even-smaller brain. 

And I'm also annoyed at MSNBC. What is up with how we handle issues like Melissa Harris-Perry's apology? Why is CNN attempting to launch a campaign to have her fired? Why am I thinking that this is a conspiracy to just get MSNBC off the air so that Rupert can control ALL the media? 

And could I be correct??

She apologized. Let's just move along here. She surely isn't as crazy as the Duck Dude who hates gays, "but I'm a good Christian." Right. You also advise men to marry teenagers. 

And of course Poopsie Palin is all "Kids are off-limits."

Really? Like, then, well, ummmmmm - what were those things YOU were hauling out? Props? Fakes? Cardboard cut-outs??

Actually, yes, ALL KIDS should be off limits. But that means for both the Right and the Left. Nobody attacks, and nobody trots the kids out (especially the unmarried preggo one, Mrs. "Christian Values"??) to show how "family oriented" they are. 

If MSNBC fires Harris-Perry, they might as well close up shop. Because then, the bullies have won. Every single time someone from CrazyTown hollers that THEY feel violated (because, you know, only THEY have First Amendment rights. The Left has none.) - well, then MSNBC will be firing everyone except the janitors. 

In the meantime, Poopsie Palin defends Duck Dude without even reading his interview. Because, of course, he's a man. Or, of course, she's stupid. And no, I'm not calling names. I am, unfortunately, stating a fact. The woman shoots her mouth off, doesn't apologize for anything she ever says, and everyone seems to be afraid of her.

Can't imagine why. Unless you want to avoid drowning-by-incoherency, I suppose it might be interesting to try to get into a bona fide discussion with her. But then again, I have a heart issue. It would probably bother my cardiologist if I got that frustrated. 

Random Picture...

Tippi, this morning. After rooting in the snow. 

I wish our yard was bigger. And I also wish the dog park wasn't filled with so many crazy owners. Attendance actually goes down because people bring unsocialized dogs there and then they don't bother to stick with them, so the dogs end up tangling with other dogs. 

I'm not risking my dog on someone else's laziness. Socializing your dogs is important, particularly since our local park is just one big whack of 4 acres. I mean, there's no delineation for a "small dog" area, and frankly, a Cocker spaniel tried to attack Tippi once. When the Cocker was on a leash. We were standing under a tree, just getting ready to leash the dogs up to go home, when BAM! Out of no where, this little red thing goes nuts and snaps at Tippi. She stepped back and just looked at her. 

The poor guy who owned her! He just about fell over. We were talking and the dog, Lucy, now that I recall, just went bonkers. He leashed her up immediately and made us run our hands over Tippi to make sure she wasn't hurt. 

She wasn't. She made me very proud because she just kind of looked at Lucy and didn't react. 

That's why we don't do the dog park anymore. It's a shame. It's also a shame that that wasn't the only incident. And it wasn't only us. 

Off for tea and knitting. Almost time to close the blinds; I'm trying to leave them open a bit so that Arlo gets more sunlight in these dim days. 

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