Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduations, Graduations...

Well, I've been busy. We have been busy. Kid #2 graduated from college, and I'm not sure where the time went. He was just in kindergarten. Really. He's now sending out resumes for a teaching gig, and fingers are crossed, candles lit, etc. -- we're hoping he gets something soon.

Seed Stitch Tie
Anyhow, here's the tie I knitted for him. It was a merino/alpaca blend. It was a little long, but then, he's 6' 1" so it works. In honor of his request to remain anonymous, here's the tie only. He showed it to some of his fellow grads and he says they liked it. I'll choose to believe that!

It's a lovely red/navy colorway, and while my LYS owner had to buy 10 hanks, all 10 of them are gone! I think she'll buy more of this because it worked up great. It's done in rice stitch. Click on the picture for an up-close view.

I have enough to make some coasters. Yeah, coasters, but that's because there really isn't enough to make another tie! Maybe a small scarf for me? Who knows. Not there yet.

The other big news is that our elkhounds both got their CGC certification. That's the AKC's "Canine Good Citizen" exam. We worked for well over a year with them to get this certification. It's a mark of obedience, good pet ownership and just generally making sure you and your dog are a team.

Tippi, our intrepid elkhound reporter, will have more to say at a later date.

Then, the same day, we went to my nephew's graduation party for high school. Yesterday, he was an infant. Seriously. Now, he's off to IIT to study architecture.

Well, at least the grand-nephew is STILL an infant! No pictures of him here... we want to keep him to ourselves for a while.

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