Saturday, May 07, 2011

"Dear 16-Year-Old Me....."

This video deserves to be passed on. To anyone you know who's a teen. To anyone you know who's always outside in the sun.

To anyone you care about.

It's a "hanky-alert" kind of message at one point, but it immediately gets across to you that it's not all "beat you over the head with a stick." It's a very strong message about something so simple - that we take so much for granted.

I had a bad burn at age 13 or so. I didn't realize the implications till a few years ago. Now I get checked. I'm fair-skinned to the point of "blending into the wall." I would never tan the way my peer group did "back in the day" when baby oil tinged with iodine was the best way to get that golden glow everyone was after. And now, I couldn't even think about sticking my 53-year-old self into a tanning bed! Ick.

But you know you know people who do it. All year 'round. Send this to them. And then talk to them.

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