Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two Down...

Yay for me!! The hats for the kids are D-O-N-E!  But there's a funny thing. Look at the picture.
Christmas Hats in Superwash Wool

You may think "wow, the blue one is bigger." And it is, a little. But look at the blue stripes - there are 2 stripes per color on each hat. For some reason - and maybe it's me, but I think it's the yarn - the brown stripes are "thicker" than the blue ones. The blue hat took a whole extra pattern round to get to the 6.25" from the cast-on edge. Same pattern; same brand of yarn; same needles.

Anyway, they're done. I'm chugging along on the Learning Sweater; taking my time finishing it. And frankly, I need to. I'm kind of sick of looking at it right now, and I need to work on some other projects.

Speaking of work --- I really need to get Dear Hubby to look at this laptop's keyboard. It hasn't been the same since the Puppy Drop Test... it works much better when I have an external keyboard attached; otherwise, it feels like I'm banging away on it. Yeesh; just like the shoemaker's kid; it'll take me several rounds of "strongly suggesting" that he look at it!! LOL -- poor guy; he really doesn't need me to nag.

He just needs to fix my keyboard.

Back to knitting - I'm on a roll with a baby car-seat-sized blanket!

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