Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cry Me a River...

So Tony "I Want My Life Back" Hayward has left the position of CEO of BP. Don't bother shedding any tears for the man. He leaves, after totally screwing up one of our most precious resources, with a platinum parachute: he'll get a year's salary of about $1.6 million (yes, one-point-six million dollars) as part of his severance package. And he gets his pension, and retains his rights to stock options.

Nice work for messing up the Gulf of Mexico and being a walking gaffe in action every time he opened his mouth.

He's being reassigned to Russia working on a joint venture. I think with his severance, he can afford a pretty nice place over there.

Just a reminder of what he's leaving: 
Oil-covered pelican

Blown well polluting the Gulf

Clean-up crew (notice no haz-mat gear?)

Well on fire

I'm thinking this is a pretty good day's work for Tony. He has nothing to regret for his tour as BP's CEO.  Quoting a former president, "Heckuva job, Tony!"

I hope he can sleep at night.

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