Thursday, May 06, 2010

Coming Along...

Well, the shawl is coming along. I've got about 5" done (and what? 5 FEET more to go yet??) and I can't say I'm disappointed in the yarn.
Actually, I really LOVE the yarn. The pattern is at least even. Maybe it'll take another 5" before I'm comfortable with how it looks, because it doesn't look that way in the Knit-a-Day page. But then, this is a different yarn and probably bigger needles than what that swatch was completed with.
I can say that at least it's consistent. And it's draping beautifully. If I can get the picot edge to straighten out the ends, I'll be a happy camper. The top shot is just the shawl on the needles; not stretched or blocked or anything; I weighted down parts with coasters and a glass egg... Hey - I'm using what I've got here!!
This picture is up close. You can "kind of" see the arrowhead design; and the holes are regular, which gives the piece a general lace-ish look. And at this point, consistent is where I want to be. I'll block it when I'm done and we'll go from there. Either way, my friend will love it and I'm not going to freak out because it "doesn't look like the picture."
This project is one of those leaps of faith that every knitter takes at least once. In my mom's case, her first leap was her last! She told me that she knitted a pair of argyle socks for my grandpa. And that "everyone in my high school class" was doing it, so she went along with it. And hated every stitch! She's an outstanding seamstress, but can't and won't pick up another pair of knitting needles in spite of my grandma's being a very talented needlewoman. I kept telling my mom that at our LYS, there are women her age who "got past the socks" but she's not budging.
Mind you, I've never knitted socks. So I may hate them. However, at least with this project, I will have conquered rudimentary lace. And YO. And PSSO. And a good hearty mix of LOL with it!!

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