Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Beg to Differ...

So today, on my "Knit-A-Day" calendar, the Yarn Harlot says: "I think knitting is just about perfect. In fact, I would change only one thing: It'd be great if it counted as a cardio workout." Obviously, Stephanie hasn't seen me when I've screwed something up for the FIFTIETH time, or I can't get my project done by a deadline (like a birthday or wedding - pretty much set in stone)... Or I'm trying to find the yarn or needles or pattern or bag or buttons or stitch holders or markers or....whatever it is that I absolutely urgently need to start or finish or work on a project. So I go buy the thing. Just to find it afterwards. Right where I put it. And I put it there so I'd remember where I put it when I needed it. Feel free to join in here, if you've sung this song before! If' you've read her books, you know she has a super sense of herself as a knitter, and is ready to recognize all the quirky we Yarn-a-holics have (How and Where to Stash, or The Attack of the WIPs, anyone???). And I've read stories where she's worked herself into a frenzy. To me, that IS a cardio workout!

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