Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Gifts...

...can be such fun to do! Even quick ones like these are both decorative and practical. Babies burp, after all, and while the infant-sized bib isn't necessarily what you'd use for feeding, for an adorable photo-op (and tell me what new parent doesn't have his or her camera glued in-hand) - this little bib will suffice for that, and even some drool.
I whipped these together for my friend's first grandson. They're all walking on air, and Heaven knows we could all use some good news for once.
The cloth on each is 14-ct. aida. I used DMC floss, and I got the cute caterpillar out of a "motifs" book - there must be over 1,000 in this book, and of course you could combine them into samplers by groups (baby, holiday, toy, profession, etc.) and the alphabet was also in there. Of course, I used the same colors for both things; they're bright colors and I thought it made it more of a "set."
With the burp cloth, it's also 100% terry and just the right size to fling over your shoulder or lap. It's a decent weight, too - not a flimsy little piece of fabric. The saying? Well, it's pretty much what you do with babies - the only thing missing was "change me" and that can go on a diaper bag!
I hope they like the gifts and I hope they get a lot of use out of them.

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