Friday, July 31, 2009

Just One Thing...

So. In the last 10 days, we've flown out to the in-laws, saw my FIL in a near-death experience and ended up admitting him to a nursing home; came home to find that our one dog is half-blind because out of no where she contracted glaucoma; and then were notified that my grandma had a major stroke. That was our vacation. This past Wednesday, I attended a yoga class in which we did a series of "hip openers." (This all ties together, so just keep reading...) We were in a seated twist. Left leg bent and crossed over outstretched right leg, foot hugging right thigh. Left arm on the INSIDE of left knee area, right arm as a "kickstand" holding us upright, spine twisted from neck to hips toward the right, head turned to the left, and eyes turned to the right. As we sat there, the instructor said, "Now, doesn't this feel like life sometimes? You're pulled in a million directions and sometimes you don't know where to turn. "All you need to remember to do is one thing. Breathe." And that's all you CAN do sometimes. Just breathe.

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