Thursday, August 03, 2017

For the Love of God...

...someone muzzle this idiot. 

Seriously, I don't usually start off on a tear like this but I can't take it. This post shows that the person who's occupying "The Dump" (a/k/a The White House) -- when he's not golfing, that is -- shows that he's unhinged. 

He's holding a "campaign rally." Really. He hasn't been in office 6 months. He hasn't done anything but whine, complain, and ... golf. Oh, and blame everyone else. 

Look, he won. By some amazingly stupid twist of the universe, he won. And all he's been doing is complaining about Hilary Clinton. 

Now, he wants the special prosecutor to go after her emails. Again. We've beaten that issue to death. In his eyes, though, we're all "picking on him." But WE are the snowflakes?? We have a Snowflake-in-Chief. 

If Mr. Mueller has indeed got enough to put together a Grand Jury, I'll personally be happy to see the back end of the most corrupt family in America. Sooner rather than later. 

OK, that's out of my system. 

I've Looked at Clouds...

Any Judy Collins fans out there? You know the song... Anyway, lately, with the crazy weather we've been having, the clouds have been rather spectacular. This was Monday night after yoga class. 

Today, we had rain, like crazy, and the temperatures dropped to the 70s. Yes, it's still August in Illinois, even though it doesn't quite seem right. For the rest of the week, it's supposed to be "unseasonably cooler" and tonight, it's raining. We're not getting the worst of it, thankfully, but the dogs seem to feel it. I'm hoping for a quiet night. 

This was out the door of my office. It happened about 1:30 or so. KA-BOOM - the skies opened. It only lasted about 3 minutes but those drops were the size of half-dollars. And it continued on and off all afternoon. 

At yoga tonight, we were all laughing about the weather and wondering if we were going to have to go home and water. 

So of course, it started raining just after all the students left. And it kept on raining. It was a fast-moving thing, though, and it's pretty well over with. Which is good. The dogs are relatively calm and I think we'll all sleep tonight. 

I don't know what's up with the weather. All I know is that this Saturday's garden class ought to be very well attended (fingers crossed) because the weather is going to be beautiful. I'm using a nice Young Living insect repellent, no DEET and very lovely on the skin, too. It helps. We are in a garden, and sometimes the midgies and flies are buzzing. 


The sock is done, and #2 is on the way. I have about 1/2" left on the cuff ribbing and then I can zip along with this one. Hope to finish it by mid-August, if all goes well. Then I'll finish the second of the Heart & Sole sock. That'll be TWO pair in one summer. 

Something of a record for me. 

No, I haven't forgotten about the sweater. It's here. And the Shape-It - I have to take that to my friend R and see what she thinks about repairing the snag. I really don't want to rip it all back, but I've got to do something. It's about 3 rows from bind-off and I really want to block it and wear it when the weather turns. But I can't figure out what to do with the snagged bit. I need an expert to look at it. 

I did buy some linen/cotton blend for a little sweater I want to whip up. It's got a slight cap sleeve and lace down the front. It'll be good for at least two, maybe 3 seasons, depending. I got a neutral color so I can wear it with anything. I'll have to pet the yarn a bit and see what I think. Either way, I'll knit it up - it's just a matter of where it's going to land on the list. 

Random Picture...

I saw this at The Fields after my class last Saturday. I showed my friend Alice. Who promptly bought it. Hubby was happy, because he figured it was the only one they had. 

I reminded him that the manager of The Fields and I are friends and that she'd happily order me one... 

I don't think he anticipated that. 

That being said, I'm more interested in paying for my certification course in "Yoga for Healthy Aging" than I am (at the moment, at least) in buying this fountain. 

THAT being said...This would look so pretty among my brown-eyed Susans in the garden... The bubbler has lights in it. And the whole thing is no more than about 2.5' high, which is perfect. And it's all self-contained. Just need a plug. 

Which we have. 

I'll keep you posted. 

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