Friday, February 17, 2017

By The Way... glasses are correct now... 

A few posts ago, I told you all that I had gotten new glasses. And that I was having some issues with them. I couldn't see! So I took them back, sat at the eye doctor's computer and showed them how far off the glasses were. Even though the prescription was correct, it wasn't sitting right on my face. The lenses are larger than what I've had in the past 10 years or so, and I have the Varilux no-line bifocals. For a while there, the fashions were such that the lenses were getting smaller and smaller. I had metal frames, with the "no frame" bottom for a long, long time. And I had to watch how small the lenses got, so that I had enough room for the "reading" portion. 

This time, even though the proportions were correct, I couldn't find that spot mid-range, where I could see my computer screen and my guitar music. I was constantly tossing my head back, which didn't make my neck happy. 

So they took them back and a week later, I had another shot at seeing if they were going to work. It turns out that, even with measuring a couple of times, we were ONE millimeter off on the middle range vision. One millimeter! 

The technician ended up taking the earpieces and bending them ever so slightly, and now I'm fine. I can see and they're doing quite nicely. People have said they make me look younger. I'm not so sure about that part, but I do like the "new look."

The Movie...

I'm sitting here, knitting and watching The Miracle Worker with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke. The amazing thing about this movie is the talent that Patty Duke exhibited at such a young age. Anne Bancroft? She's a classic. But for her age, Patty Duke, who was 16 when she played that role, it's amazing the talent... the way she portrayed what must have been a difficult role. It makes you think of what she had going for her and the obstacles she overcame to have the career she had in Hollywood. I was actually surprised to find that she was that old. She was a slight child, and she looked much, much younger in the film. But of course, that could be the "magic" that happens in a film like this one. 

The Knitting...

The baby knitting continues...I'm hoping to get the last of the afghan done this weekend, and maybe starting the sweater. I can't find my buttons. I'm not a happy camper. I had a bag full of buttons specifically purchased for the next several baby sweaters, and quite honestly, no idea of where they've gone. They're not in the "sweater bag" which I use to stash the pattern, needles and yarn. 

I also have - ta-da! - a "stashed" sweater that I've made. It's acrylic - I have no idea what brand of yarn it is - and it's an ombre in shades of bright blue fading to white. I've got a matching hat that sort of goes with it. That may end up in the bag with the Pumpkin set. Not sure if I can whack out the hat by the time the shower comes along, next weekend. I have to see how far along I am with it. 

I have a similar ball of yarn that's purple-to-white... that'll be knitted up soon. I can get a sweater and hat out of one large-ish ball of this stuff. My friend Doris had given it to me a few years ago. I figure that baby stuff is just about what I can do with it. There's not enough for anything else, and besides, I would probably (in all honesty) not knit something for myself with it. Not even a scarf. 

Yarn snob that I am, I'd rather have a wool scarf, thanks. 


I'm a mug fiend. Seriously, people give me mugs. I buy mugs. We have more mugs than you can shake a stick at. We gave the kids a box of mugs each when they moved out. 

Some of my mugs make a statement. Well, frankly, MANY of my mugs make a statement. I like the larger ones, and I like ones with snarky statements on them. Political mugs. Literary mugs. Dog mugs. Knitting mugs. 

One of my friends has posted her "morning mug of the day" on Facebook; this was mine a few days ago, but my camera didn't upload it fast enough... 

Jane Austen. From Kid #2, of course. Maybe this should be my Instagram project for a week. Heaven knows I have enough mugs to fill a week or so with images. 
What's your "morning mug" these days? 

Random Picture...

Our Quinn has a history of sebaceous cysts, and she's often worn the cone of shame. And this time, it's a hot spot on her hip that she won't leave alone. She was in the "inner tube of shame," and little acrobat that she is, she managed to get to her hip. Sooooooooo - cone. 

As soon as the weather gets a little nicer, we'll figure out with the vet which cyst comes off next. For a lot of people (sorry, maybe TMI), they can just get rid of them like you would a fairly disgusting pimple. 

But Quinn? She's gotta be different. Hers are not only multiples, but they're beneath the top layer of skin and they spread out. So if she scrapes herself or scratches herself, or if it hurts and she chews on it? We're looking at a good-sized vet bill to clear up an infection, not to mention repairing the damage. 

We've tried it all: diet; supplements; skin treatments. We hear that sometimes elkhounds "grow out of them." She's 7... still waiting on that. 

She's not happy. But hopefully, the hot spot will respond to treatment and she'll leave it alone. Till then, "Cone Queen" it is. 

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