Sunday, October 02, 2016

Thirty is Not Thirty-Four...

Thirty is not thirty-four. That makes a big difference. What you see here is the beginning of the cast-on for the first sleeve of The Baby Jacket. And initially, in my haste, I cast-on thirty stitches. Last night, about 9:45 p.m. I was so jazzed about getting to the sleeve that I just whizzed right through it.  Then I paused and wondered why it looked "off." I've done this sweater 6 times, at least. Soooooooo. I figured it was time for bed. I wrote myself a note, and frogged it at 6:35 this morning. I guess that's the advantage of having done the pattern so many times. 
I'm about to do the other sleeve, and yes, I know - the sleeve needs to be 34 stitches, no more and no less. I'm a tad worried about the gauge, but it's the same yarn. I'm hoping it turns out ok - it's likely not going to be a problem, but I think my stitches are a bit tighter this time around. 

Knitting is very much like turns out that if you're stressed, it shows up. And it turns out that if you're stressed while shows up. In the knitting. My tension is pretty consistent, but I feel like this one is a bit tighter than the last one. And I'm sure it has to do with what's going on in life these days.


I'm reading a bunch of books lately about nuns who've left convents. I don't know why; perhaps I'm thinking about that lifestyle and how the church treated them. Some of them had left because their lives changed, or they had a shift in perspective. Some left with no apparent hard feelings. And some left because of unbelievable cruelty in the church. 

I've set aside "The Edible Woman" - Margaret Atwood is reaching for something there, and it's not resonating with me. But I'll pick it up - I'm actually almost done with it. 

And I've been reading the newspapers. I can't believe the Chicago Tribune endorsed Gary Johnson. I didn't expect them to endorse either Trump or Clinton, but they have done the "we can't endorse anyone" thing before. Gary Johnson is even more woefully unprepared than Trump. At least he's not as dumb, but he's unprepared. I'm having Ralph Nader moments... 


The garden is virtually done. We have Brussels Sprouts and carrots left, though I think there are also a few surviving kale leaves. Hubby planted the Brussels Sprouts too close together - we live and learn. But the carrots will be spectacular. 

I'm cooking dinner - a rarity with my schedule these days! I'm making "Leeky Chicken" and here's how you do it:

2 Perdue chicken breasts (bone-in and with skin)
2 - 3 ribs celery
1 Knorr vegetable cube + 2 c. boiling water
1 handful chopped leeks
Onion powder
2 large sprigs Rosemary
Olive oil (a drizzle)
Salt & fresh-ground pepper
1 T. grated orange rind

Preheat oven to 400* (F) and grab a 9 x 13 pan. Trim the celery and wash it. Cut it into 3" chunks and lay it on the bottom of the pan. This is your "roasting rack" for the chicken. 

Pat the chicken dry and lay it on top of the celery. Wash the Rosemary and slip your finger under the chicken skin - insert one sprig into each piece, tucking the leaves in so that you don't scorch them. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper and onion powder. 

Scatter the leeks around the bottom of the pan. Dissolve the veggie cube in the boiling water and pour about 1/2" into the pan. Sprinkle the orange rind into the liquid.

Cover for the first half-hour and then remove the cover and let it go for about another 30 minutes or till the juice runs clear when you pierce the flesh. 

We're doing a carrot dish as well, involving candied ginger and a Granny Smith apple. I haven't quite figured out that one yet. But as soon as I get it done, I'll write it down. I had a taste for something "fall" today and carrots + apples came to mind. So did ginger, for that sweet/hot blend. I could make a puree, but I think I'll do a saute instead. Caramelize them a little bit and make it into a savory/sweet/tart dish that tempers the carrots and balances the Granny Smith apple. 

Of course, with "store bought" carrots, they're kind of bland. The garden carrots are so much richer. I like them better, but they're not quite ready yet. But I can get this recipe refined and worked up - maybe for elephant journal. 

I've been using Young Living Thieves fruit wash. The product is easy to use and really takes that "waxy" stuff off the fruit. Takes about 2 minutes. You can use it by the sink or in a bowl if you don't have a lot of produce. One capful in a sink full of water, let your stuff soak for about 2 minutes, and then rinse it all off. It's a great way to clean your fruit and veg, even if you already buy organic. I've been a Young Living Essential Oils distributor for a while now, and I find that the more chemicals I purge the better I feel. 

Random Picture...

Speaking of feeling better...Tippi continues to visit at Lewis University. Our last visit was quite a hoot. She seems to bond nicely with the athletes. And this was a set of our last visitors. You can't see the hand of the other gal giving her a last-minute belly rub. But the whole, "Let me rest my paw on you so she can get a better aim at my tummy" thing was pretty funny. 

We'll continue to visit because she likes it. And it's a great way to keep contact with the folks I used to work with. I don't like burning bridges; it helps to keep those ties - because the one thing you know in life is that you never know. 

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