Friday, July 01, 2016

On the Brink of the 4th...

The 4th of July really isn't much of a holiday for us. I know - Happy Birthday America, and all that. And yes, I've got flags out in the front yard. 

But at this point, with the dogs? It's not my favorite holiday. Quinn turns into a quivering, drooling mass of goo. Tippi shakes. Raisa is oblivious, which is unusual in Huskies, but I'll take it!

Here's an article I wrote for elephant journal on the topic. Sadly, it's just as bad this year. 

And let's think about something else - or someONE else: veterans... Seriously, think about that, people. There are combat veterans out there who are really suffering while you may be celebrating. I've often thought of how difficult it must be. I don't like the noise, but that's because it just bothers me. I've never been in a combat situation, and hopefully, I never will. That being said, it would help tremendously if you checked around your neighborhood before you shoot off anything. 

And also - if you're in a state (ahem - I'm lookin' at YOU, Illinois residents) where they're illegal, please - for the sake of the dogs, other animals, and especially the humans, don't buy the fireworks. Go support your local municipality and take some friends to the show by the professionals. 

I'm looking into perhaps Melatonin to help Quinn. We've tried the Thundershirt. (nothing) We've tried Liquid Composure, with chammomile and a calming protein. (nothing) We've tried lavender essential oil on her ears. (nothing)

SHE prefers to try to wedge herself into the smallest space she can get into. Tippi used to do that, but lately, she just quakes and pants. 

We may go on a bike ride, but then again, we might not. Depends on two things: the weather and whether Kid #1 comes to visit. He's in town, and says he'll be around, so we're hoping to surprise my mom with a visit. 

The Kids...

Kid #1, after The Break-up, moved to VA. He's always wanted to live there, and I'm glad he's doing what he wants. He's an assistant brewmaster at Wild Wolf Brewing Company and is living out his dream. I'm happy that he's happy. I'm not happy that The Break-up has apparently turned acrimonious. But then, I can't control the world. (Yes, that surprised me, too.) Apparently, The Fiancee is not being civil. But again - I can only control my reaction to what happens. 

Kid #2 and I are going to set out for our Pilgrimage to Oxford. We're the only 2 people we know who geek out about the "Queen Anne style library with Tiffany lamps" which is in Cairo, IL. It's likely to be my last road trip with him; he'll be starting his Master's program soon, and I'll also be wanting to visit Kid #1 when he settles. 

It's time. But I'm grabbing the moments while I have them. 

The Knitting...

Continues apace. I've finished the heel, closed the gusset and decreased. Now I'm on the foot. I have to measure the other one to make sure where I start the toe decreases, but I'm a couple weeks out. Likely, I'll take it on the trip with me as a "night project." Maybe. I haven't decided yet. 

I still have the Before and After Scarf to work on, and I think that might go as well. Luckily, I'm driving, so we have space. 

I'm not sure what I want my next project to be. I have that lovely Van Gogh-inspired sock yarn, but do I want to get a "leg up" on another pair of socks? (See what I did there???) Or do I want to finish a WIP? It's too warm to do Kid #2's afghan. I don't knit afghans in the summer! 

Or do I want to stash some baby stuff? It's something to contemplate. 

There's this stuff... It's billed as "sock yarn" but I'm not sure with the silk content. Would it hold up? Am I better doing something like a small shawl or trying a lace scarf? Would lace work with the gradient? 

What would you do?

The Garden...

The garden (the flower one) is a little blowsy. It's been hot and it's been cool and then it rained. The flowers are kind of all over the place. The seeds I planted are coming up slowly. I haven't seen any of the swallowtail caterpillars yet, but the hummingbirds have been enjoying the new feeders. 

The garden (the veggie one) is ready for Second Summer. The radishes have all been harvested. The kale is going nicely, and the cucumbers are flowering. I'm still not sure of the leeks... But the Brussels Sprouts are coming along. The lettuce is done, and I don't think we'll plant a second crop. I can't find the seeds from last year, and we didn't like the mix we had this year. 

This weekend, I'll take pictures, after we've had a chance to do more weeding. It's kind of a shambles now, so I'm going to wait for a few days! 

Filming Downtown... 

In downtown Joliet today, they were "Shooting a Film." They used our historic Rialto Theatre - or part of it - for "a show." Nobody said which one. So I guess we'll know when they tell us. The Rialto has been used quite a bit recently. 

Who says Joliet is a "pokey" place? Take a look at the picture here. This is the lobby of the theatre. It's modeled on Versailles - the palace in France. 

If you're a fan of the show "Empire" - they used the theatre for some scenes. It's just celebrated its 90th birthday. Our grand old lady is in a bit of financial trouble, and they're hoping she makes it to 100... At one point in its history, it was slated to be razed for a parking lot. Through the dedication of lots of volunteers, it's now a showplace. 

I used to go see movies there; they occasionally show films, but mostly it's plays, musicals, musicians. I've seen several acts there. Acoustically, the theatre is perfect. That's a problem when acts come in and crank it to 11... you don't need to do that there. It's an intimate venue that's beautiful and there's practically no bad seat. 

Oh, and it's haunted! My sister and I took a tour with a "ghost hunter." I fancy myself a sensitive person, but apparently, I'm a block of wood. As we went upstairs to a dressing room reserved for some major names, my sister stopped stock-still and said, "Do you smell that??" She smelled a strong scent of lilac. Me? 


Apparently, there's A Lady, and she haunts that upstairs dressing area. The ghost hunter was very impressed. I was bummed. My sister was thrilled!

Random Picture...

So as they were filming, they usually block off the streets so that the crews and actors can do their things. 

This is what I saw as I went to work. The irony is strong. All of those red "no parking" hoods. Next to parked cars. 

When I left around noon, filming was going on. It's exciting, and I almost wish I could've stopped to see what was going on... 

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