Saturday, April 23, 2016

Making Hay...

...while what's left of the sun shines.


Today being Saturday, I got up, taught the 9 a.m. class I'm subbing while Janae is out on maternity leave, and then got home to get cracking on that project...

New Arrival Cardigan
So far, I've done 21 rows of the right front on the baby jacket. I'm plugging along and working to get the other 39 rows done. Probably not tonight, but this weekend, for sure. 

I'm also catching up on one of my favorite blogs, and on a "Dual Survival" marathon. Using the idea that you shouldn't just focus on one thing for long periods of time.

True story: I was zipping away on a prayer shawl with a definite deadline, and I didn't shift my field of vision. I looked out the front window at Hubby, and realized I could not see.

I mean, my distance vision was totally blurry. Scared the heck out of me. So now, I make sure that I have a few things going: computer distance, TV distance, out the window distance, and I did several other things as well today. 

Oh, and I got the new Piecework magazine. But I haven't had a chance to look through it. I'll save that for later...


The perennial "what do you want for dinner?" question is a pain in the rear. Especially when I get that question at 10 a.m.! I know we have to think about defrosting something, and I really dislike the idea of nuking it because Hubby has the annoying habit (sorry, dear!) of nuking it in its original container. Drives me nuts. 

So he pulled out a roasting chicken early this morning. I roasted it today. Just some lemon, salt & pepper, and a spice rub that one of my SILs gave us for Christmas. Veggie broth was the "marinade" for the roast. Brown rice, a salad, and we had dinner. 

And enough left over for me to do chicken salad for lunch tomorrow. 

Easy Chicken Salad...

I've finally conquered a simple chicken salad without too much fuss. It uses leftovers. Plus some other stuff that most people have in their fridge.

Chop up about 2 c. of cooked chicken (or you can shred it)
Add 1 T. yellow mustard (plain old yellow is fine, thanks)
Add 1 T. dill pickle relish (use sweet if that's all you have)
Add about 3 - 4 T. Hellman's Mayo (this is my preferred mayo)
Add about 1/2 c. diced celery
Add a dash of onion powder (unless you have fresh spring onions - use fresh spring onions, diced, if you have them)

Mix this all up in a large bowl. 

Add 1/2 t. dried dill, and a pinch of salt & pepper (fresh ground, if you have it)

Place in a covered container, chill through (overnight, if you can) and eat it on a bed of lettuce with a cut -up avocado, or in a sandwich.

You can add more mayo if you need it a little looser. 

Easiest thing ever. So that's on the docket for tomorrow. 

Bike Ride...

Now, in spite of TWO falls on the left hand within a month, I have, thankfully, not broken it. But I've got a brace (which I'm not wearing so I can type and knit). Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely, so I'll strap on the brace and we'll go for the first bike ride of 2016. 

I got notified last night that they're shipping out a new Jawbone UP-3, so in the meantime, I'll use the other one and see if it works with the bike ride. Pedometers don't work, and it's frustrating. 

My activity level goes down over the weekend, unless I'm at a workshop or we go on a ride. But I get my steps in during the week, with the day job and the teaching, so I don't fuss or fret when the Jawbone says "you're slacking off." 

Yes, I am. 

And I'm ok with that. I need my vegetation time. I need to recharge. I need to work on projects that I neglect during the week because my schedule is so packed. 

So be it. I'm good. 

I have my favorite mug filled with chamomile tea; I'm watching TV and typing this blog. I'll knit more in a bit. It's Saturday and I need to let my brain unhinge itself from the busy-ness of the work week. 


So I've been relatively quiet on this score for a while. But I can't keep quiet any longer. 

I'm so disheartened with the "Bernie's gotta go" crowd. One of them is someone I've known for a long time, and she's bound and determined that nobody but Hillary is going to be elected. 

Which is fine if it happens. But at this point in Hillary's campaign in 2008, she was still in it and "inevitable" till Hurricane Obama came through. 

Bernie may not win. But let's make this an election. Not a coronation. Let's listen to both of them and let's see what happens. We're in the midst of a too-long and too expensive primary season. Let it play out. 

I'm a liberal, tree-hugging yogini. I'm not even going to address the mess that is the conservative wing of this nation. Except to say that it is my firm belief that Paul Ryan's "no" means "yes."

We shall see. 

Random Picture...

My favorite mug. Given to me by my oldest friend. And Hubby hasn't managed to break it yet (he's a mug-destroyer, and he doesn't mean to be). Tonight, it's filled with tea and sitting next to me. 

Mugs are an easy way to get my attention. I have more of them than I need, and it's a standing joke with the kids. I call it "their inheritance."

They call it "after the funeral garage sale."

I think they're joking. It's hard to tell sometimes. 

Either way, I won't be in a position to argue, then, will I?

It's time for me to get back to work if I want to get that front done this weekend. If I can get to that point, then maybe I won't feel so bad about setting it aside for another week. 

What are you working on now? How's it going? What's the next thing in your project bag?

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