Monday, March 07, 2016


...that pair of socks I was telling you about? The ones I said were lost?

Well, I haven't exactly LOST them. 

I just haven't FINISHED them... 

I was ripping apart my knitting area, and I spied a couple of project bags hanging off my Ott Light. So the one contained the "Bowties are Cool" that needs finishing... 

And the other contained Watermelon Sock #1.

Well. We won't belabor the point. The good news is that I did NOT lose a hand-made pair of socks. 


I've finished the FIRST pair of 2016. Here are the Vanilla Latte variation, out of SweetGeorgia, chai spice. Eye of Partridge heel, and cast-on of 72 stitches. I think I should have made them smaller. But I also haven't blocked or washed them yet. 

I'd use SweetGeorgia again - which is good, because there are at least 2 more hanks in my stash somewhere. It's a lovely yarn and I'm hoping it wears long. It does need a simple pattern, though - as you can see, if it was too busy, you'd lose the pattern or the colors would be muddy. 

E-mail Inventor Dies...

So the guy who kept the @ symbol alive has died. Raymond Tomlinson died on the 5th of March. He said that he was "just fooling around" with the ARPANET program. He even said, "I knew exactly what I was doing, but I just had no notion whatsoever about what the ultimate impact would be." 

Aside from the near-death of "real" mail, he's kind of the father of modern technology. When we have a client who doesn't have e-mail, we're all agog. My mother doesn't have e-mail. But maybe she has a point. I like a day off every now and then. 

I don't think he meant it to turn into the juggernaut it is. But it is what it is, and now he's gone to his reward. 

Fundraiser Story...

So we were at a fundraiser for one of the groups I'm involved in. It was at a lovely place, close to home, and I was envisioning weddings and receptions...

This was the decor for our fundraiser. There were more bunnies than you could think of. The forsythia is silk, but it really brightened up the place.

Then the luncheon came along. 

My salad had a worm on it. I mean, a small worm was crawling along the perimeter of the plate. So of course, I had the waiter bring me another one. 

The salad was "artisanal greens" and included in the greens was a baby head of red oak lettuce - one of my favorites...except that the bottom inch or so was MUDDY. At least half of our table of 10 sent back salads with muddy stems. 

I wasn't happy. I had to contact the folks who chaired the event, and while I was thrilled at the venue, I wasn't thrilled with the muddy, and wormy salad. I think they should be refunded. 

I hope that they at least made some money!

Random Picture... 

Just a small reminder that spring will be here soon. Daylight Savings time is coming up; the days are getting longer. 

My dill will be coming up soon; the coneflowers will bloom. And hopefully, we'll see some more butterflies this year. 

I bought some Seedles seed balls. You should try them. We need to bring back the bees and the butterflies. 

Have a place to sit and watch nature. Have a place to just be. Not too much, not too little. Just enough. 

A place to breathe. A place to rest. 

A place where you can have a cup of tea or sit quietly and just do nothing. And by doing nothing, you're doing something. 

You're refreshing your soul. 

Give some thought to a place like that at home. We all need it. 

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