Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy Moley!!! Time Flies...

Sooooooooooooooooooooo - I have not fallen off the face of the earth. What happened was that I got a job. 

I'm back in the legal field. That being said, I am suited to this sort of work, by inclination as well as talent. I enjoy detail work and I like things organized. (Don't laugh - you haven't seen my house; if you did, you'd think I was nuts!)

Between this full-time job and teaching, life will be hectic. That's the way it rolls sometimes. 

Tippi, TDI...

Lucky for me, Tippi and I are still involved in therapy work. We moved locations and times; we're still at the University. In a way, it's kind of like sticking a pin in the balloon of those who laid me off...but she does love the work, so we're now in the library. 

We're working an evening shift, so the library is a much better spot. This picture is with a couple members of the volleyball team. She's such a ham for the boys!!

So we're still on the first and third Tuesdays, and we do our thing with the same pizzazz that she usually exhibits. She gets an elevator ride this time, which is always interesting. 


It would be nice to show you a completed pair of socks. The good news is that I'm finally at the toe. This is Opal's version of "watermelon." And yeah, I know it's almost November. But I needed a break from the "Bowties are Cool" sock, because it's depressing me that the pair will be tighter than I like them. 

I just did plain vanilla with a Doris heel. It's going to work just fine. Standard toe, not a star toe this time. 

I like this, but it's not "watermelon" in my own wild imagination. The yellow is actually an odd shade of greenish-yellow, and it's just a little too impressionist for me. But it's Opal and it'll make a great pair of socks. 

I've totally blown the Pair-a-Month KAL. What was I thinking? Oh yeah - that whether or not I actually DID a pair a month, at this time of year, I'd likely have a few more pairs of socks. 

I've got ONE whole pair. And two singles. 

I'm hoping to get into a rhythm where I can do a few rows almost every evening. That hasn't happened yet. It'll come. I keep telling myself that. 

In the meantime, my favorite yarn shop, Le Mouton Rouge Knittery, has MOVED! 

Yes, Kelly up and took the shop to Bloomington - 2 hours away from me. So we have St. Charles, which is easily almost 2 hours in one direction, and we have Bloomington. What a pain in the needles. 

But I can see her reasoning. Morris is very nice, but Bloomington has a better market for her. More people. Bigger spenders. More space, with a better bang for your buck. 

So when I was last in Bloomington, I stopped by. Of course. And I bought some sock yarn. Of course. And I'm probably going back - to get some MadTosh for shawls. Not socks. Of course.

Tonight, before we go to the concert (see below), I'll likely get a row or two in, unless I'm distracted by mail or something. But I'll give it a shot. I want to start the other sock. 


Here and there I still get a little baking in. 

Today, I finished cupcakes for a little girl who was born on Halloween. These were half vanilla and half chocolate, with chocolate faces. Hubby wanted to know why they were all different. I told him they all had different expressions because they had different personalities! 

I could never do "standard" all the time. I don't think that, aside from knitting, anything I do is "standard." Particularly in frosting. I like doing things that don't look like they came from a factory. 

That being said, I would NOT want to be the parents of these kids. Each of these ghosts have at least 2" of buttercream frosting on them. Talk about a sugar buzz...

I don't know if I'll do more cakes. We'll have to see. I may do more cupcakes for my friend for her other grandkid's birthday. 

Speaking of cake: I saw this in the grocery store. It's wrong. It's sooooooo wrong on so many levels. Red Velvet is a classic. Don't mess with a classic. Ever. 

Of course I had to text Kid #2 and ask him if he wanted this for his birthday. He said he was looked at my text and promptly wanted to hurl. 

Blue Velvet? Shoes? Really? Who thought that this was a good idea? Who buys this stuff? 

I will not be buying this. I will be sticking with the classic RED velvet. 

Coloring Fun...

I've discovered coloring. I did this one, a freebie off the web, before I went to bed. It is certainly very relaxing. We're actually going to do a coloring/ meditation class at the yoga studio. You can see all the books in the bookstores, and I'm pretty sure that stock in colored pencils and markers will be rising. I can see these for Christmas gifts. 

Scoff if you will, but it really is nice. You can go wild or you can "make a theme." They're everything from simple, which is the one I chose for right before bedtime, to complex florals and paisley designs. 

It's a nice activity for when you want to mull something over. I noticed right away that my breathing slowed, my concentration sharpened, and I could focus. The only problem I had was that I needed to take my glasses off for the very tight spots. So I'm not sure I'd do the intricate designs. But I might try them. We'll see. 

Random Picture...

This was outside on the feeder a few weeks ago. The wacky weather has confused everyone - from the trees that don't know when to change to the birds that aren't sure what season it is. 

My garden is almost done. My flower garden looks like death warmed over. I have only minimal Halloween decorations this year. I've been frantically busy. Oh, and I'm editing a book for someone. So I'm behind on a lot of things. 

But this little girl brightened my day immensely. She reminded me to sit still every once in a while. And breathe. 

What's been going on in your world? I've missed you all!

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