Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Progress, In Increments...

Someone once said "Progress comes in increments." 

Or if someone DIDN'T say that, someone should have. For most of us, progress usually doesn't come in giant leaps and bounds. It comes along on little cat feet, sometimes sneaking up on us when we least expect it. 

At least it's seemed so for me, lately. 


There's a tiny bit of progress on the Kid #2 Afghan. I'm on the red band now. I'm not sure but I think I might consider a skein of black Caron Simply Soft. Just to break it up. I'm feeling like the grey heather and the garnet are too much of a contrast, and that somehow the black, in a couple of stripes, might work nicely. 

What I'm doing is breaking up the stripes by changing color at the two garter ridges there - you can see them right under the red. But then I thought, "what about a black stripe half-way through the normal ripple pattern? It would have to be the black in the middle of the red, though, because I'm not ripping this back! 

I'll mull on it. I have only half of this first red repeat done, and there are 2 in the rotation - at least that's what I'm planning. This could be one very long afghan if I miscalculated. Which wouldn't be bad, since Kid #2 is kind of a tall one. 

My Year in Socks...

Here's my "sock drawer." Ok, so it's a tote. And a small one. But it's a start. Nope, I haven't added much to it, except for the Neon Beach. I still have The Dreaded Teal to finish and the Roman Rib. 

The February yarn will be Pinstripe. It's got about 1" of rib on it already. 

And yeah, I know - that's 3 pairs of socks in progress. But when my friend Roberta had a Sock Failure of Massive Proportions, I felt like I had to have something to work on while I got her straightened out. As it is, she STILL dropped a needle-full of stitches, but she said she got them back. I can see another knit-date in our near future. 

Otherwise, I'm hoping that somewhere in the bags of yarn that are left to be knit, there might be some Sweet Georgia. I want to knit with something yummy. I love my Opals and I'm wearing the pair at the top of the shot there. 

But I'd like something squishy. 

Health Stuff...

Well, the "kick sugar to the curb" thing isn't going very well. But I do have a slight bit of progress made in another area. I'm working with my doc to wean me off the migraine meds. Since I'm at the grand old age of 57 and STILL not in menopause (go ahead - laugh), we're keeping me on a half-dose for 6 weeks. Then we'll go to a quarter-dose. So instead of 1000 mg 2x/day, I'm now at 500 mg 2x/day for a bit. Then eventually, if there are no problems, I'll go to 500 mg 1x/day till I'm finally in menopause. 

The medicine's price jumped. When I had to refill, the poor pharmacist called and almost fearfully asked if I wanted it filled. Last year, it was about $1,700 for a 3-month supply. 

This year? It's $2,180.10. Yeah, stick the last dime on the end of it, right? There is a generic, and we tried it. I'm one of the weird folks who really do need to be on the real formulation. 

So far, I'm not sure...I feel a little off, but that could be anything. I'll watch and see what happens. 

It's nice to be this age and coming OFF medications, instead of adding them on. 

Oh, and I pitched the doc to use my voice for her patient information videos. She is taking it up with the practice manager. Hey - marketing where you can, when you can. 

And it looks like my run-in with Quinn didn't do me any favors. It was my fault. Quinn yanked me as she tried to grab the neighbor's cat. (Seriously, it's BELOW freezing, stupid neighbors - take your cat INSIDE!) I yanked back on the leash, she came barreling back at me and I didn't move fast enough. She caught me on the right knee, bending it in a direction that knees aren't supposed to go. Ouch. 

So - back from the doctor, reluctantly, because I really dislike going if I don't have to. POSSIBLY a small tear on the interior ligament, but no brace. So Aleve for a week and let him know. Urgh. 

Random Picture...

This was the dessert at the 2015 fundraiser for the Joliet Area Zonta Club. Yummy. I would rather have had 2 of the chocolate ones; the white was a little too cloying. 

We raised lots of money for scholarships and had a nice luncheon. And all I had to do was show up, which is a benefit. 

Next up is the Will-Grundy Medical Clinic's Annual Dinner. I have to speak at that one. Since it's right around the corner, I'd best get my skates on and whip up a speech. 

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