Saturday, September 13, 2014

So Much to Tell...

Well, it's been an eventful few days. 

My mom's surgery for a resurfacing of a tendon in her hip went ok. It's a good thing my sister's a nurse. However, I'm still stuck doing some stuff for her that I'm not jazzed about. 

I make a sucky nurse. Can't help it. Always have been.

And in the Meantime...

Buddy, my mom's dog, has been boarding with my brother. Sadly, the other day when my SIL was walking him, she and Buddy were attacked by a pit bull.

Now, you know I'm not "breed-discriminatory." I've known some awesomely sweet pit bulls, and some "more-than-obnoxious" little yapper dogs. 

Just stating the facts. Anyway, SIL was walking him and out of no where, a pit bull charged both of them. Had she had "just a few seconds more," she says, she'd have picked Buddy up and out of the way. However, the pit was pretty fast, and SIL was trying to keep him off both herself and the dog. 

The owner came running out and tackled the dog, but in the meantime, Buddy slipped his harness and took off like a scared rabbit... He's still MIA. We have everyone out searching for him, and posters with a reward offered.  

Interestingly, SIL was very shaken up (I'm going somewhere with this, trust me), and she blanked out when my brother asked her which house... But a COMCAST driver said, "Oh, I know that place - this is the THIRD time, if not more, that that dog has gotten loose and charged or attacked people." 

And the COMCAST guy drove past the house to grab the address and bring it to them. OK, that's above and beyond, and I'm happy he did that. 

My brother is talking to the family lawyer. The town has a "3 strikes" law. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but the facts remain: the dog has a history of getting loose and attacking. And my mom's beloved dog is now missing, in an area where there's a lot of traffic and far too many opportunities for a small dog to be a DEAD dog. If - or when - he's found, if there are any vet bills, plus the reward, etc. -- she deserves to be compensated for that. I'm nobody to wish a dog to be put down, but think about this:

My mom's 76 years old, with a bad back and hips. What if SHE had been the one walking Buddy? What if, instead of walking Buddy, she'd been taking the twins for a walk in the stroller and this dog attacked? 

If you can't or won't train your dog, you have to be prepared to suffer the absolute worst consequences. 

We hope to hear soon. We've got him on Lost Dogs Illinois, he's on my FaceBook and Twitter, and we've called the shelters and animal control. The animal control guy said that all the vet clinics know to call them if a dog is turned in. He's chipped - I know our own vet will scan and then call the owners.

So, if you pray, please pray that my mom gets her dog back. Otherwise, good vibes to the Universe are also appreciated. A few prayers for my SIL wouldn't go amiss either... The poor gal feels awful - as if it was her fault that the pit bull got loose. 

I know how I'd feel. No matter how much my mom tells her it's NOT her fault, she'll still feel guilty. 

If there's ANYTHING to feel good about, it's that neither of them were hurt in the attack. It could have been vastly different. 

Fall Is Here...

Today, I wore gloves in to work. We haven't turned the heat on yet, but it's definitely fall. And Hubby put long pants on. There you go. When he climbs into his hiking boots, we know it's getting colder! 

You might be able to see the temperature indicator on the dash. I came in this morning and it was 40* outside. It's getting up into the 60s so if we go out on The Great Search for Buddy, it'll be nice weather for a walk, that's for sure. 

And this was my look on Thursday. Yep, socks with Birkenstocks. Hey - there are what? Over 100,000 stitches in a hand-made sock. I want people to see them. 

Though with these colors - who COULDN'T see them, right??

And yes, I did roll my cuffs down after I took this picture. Just illustrating that with hand-made socks, sandals are a perfect fashion statement. 

The garden hasn't fizzled yet. We still think there's at least 1 batch of cucumbers. And since Kid #2 is coming out this weekend, perhaps he'll take some tomatoes home with him. 

The sun can't decide if it wants to be out or behind the clouds. And the clouds are bumming me out -- we're supposed to "almost" see the Northern lights, courtesy of a massive solar flare. But not if there are clouds. 


Beginning newborn hat

So yesterday, I started the baby hat. And I ended up using DPNs because I only had 16" circulars, which are too large. 

But I think the hat looks too small. You cast on with size 5s and then move to size 7s. However, I cast on with size 6 and went to 7s; so the size differential isn't quite as bold, but on the other hand, it might fit a head that's slightly smaller than a 12" softball. All I can hope for is that Susan doesn't give birth to a linebacker. The picture in the book shows that it does fit closely. I probably should have started the cardigan to see how much yarn I'd have left - and then made the hat bigger. 

On the other hand, if I don't get to the afghan, I may be able to whip out a couple more pairs of socks - I have some "boy-ish" looking Opal that will be fine for that - and the Fluro yarn. That would be on size 1 needles - like a "regular" sock, but to fit a kid who's bigger than a newborn. 

I figure that the hat should be done sometime today or tomorrow. In the picture below, it's about 2" high. You go to 4" and then start the decreases. It goes fast after that. 

Hmmmmmm? Small????
Not sure what I'm doing yet - pressing on with the cardigan (since I have a crap-load of this cotton yarn), or switching up to socks. I could always use the extra cotton for washcloths, but it's a heck of a price to pay for something you're using on your face...

But between parts of this project, I'm working on the St. Charles sock. I also did order some 12" circs in sizes 5 and 7 - baby hats and all that... And I found more Lorna's Laces. Who wouldn't?? This colorway is "Shorewood." It's lovely - so we will have lots of socks for me for winter. Yay, me!!! 

Lorna's Laces Solemates
Oh, and I also bought some Bijou Basin that JimmyBeans Wool had on sale - I'm talking 50% off!! So I bought 2 hanks, and I'll make myself a lace scarf. Bijou Basin makes yarns primarily from yaks. And it is the most deliciously scrumptious/yummy yarn there is! I have always wanted to knit with it, and with a 50% sale, I could finally afford it. 

The Blog...

I know I haven't talked much about politics. It's been a little overwhelming lately, and I don't feel I have a good grasp on the information, so I'm not going to comment till I can figure it out. 

I'll say one thing -- well, two things...

I'm disappointed that we are now "at war" so to speak, with yet another faction in the Middle East. President Obama played into Republican hands. If it works out well, he'll get just as much credit as he's gotten for "getting" Osama bin Laden. Which is -ZERO- if you're counting. 

And if it blows up into full-scale "boots on the ground" war? Then the chicken hawks who WANTED war will be whirling in place trying to spin this as "Obama's Fault" and will again scream about having to cut social services to pay for yet another endless war. They'll be spinning because they truly DO want war. As long as they and their kids don't have to go, and they and their families profit massively from their interests in such companies as Halliburton, etc. - they're all for a war that makes them money. As long as someone else's kid gets killed. Who cares about them? 

The second thing is that I'm not surprised that the Republicans voted to NOT overturn Citizens United. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Why would they cut off their own arteries? They're more interested in salving the egos of the Corporate Overlords who bought them. And they have their "base" buffaloed into believing that "one day, you too can be as rich as we are." 

As if. I may as well wish to be 5' 10" tall. Which, I'm telling you, I've been wishing for nearly 40 years!! 


For the yoga book club, Rod Stryker's book, The Four Desires. Stryker talks about tantra and its principles for living (and this is a phrase I'm sure Oprah stole) "your best life." Yes and no: tantra IS and IS NOT about sex. 

I'm finding it fascinating, even though at first I thought that I wasn't going to like the book. 

So I grabbed a notebook that a student left behind (they often do that), because the book is a workbook. I like to take notes. Well, I'm reading through the notebook and find all this math. Now, I'm not dim. Well, maybe I am with math. 

But I'm totally confused with this stuff!! Thankfully, I'm done with this kind of thing. And anyway, Hubby is the math genius. If we ever do have grandkids and they ever do ask for help with homework, he can do that. 

I'll proof their English homework!

Random Picture...

A hibiscus from my trip to Florida. Which I fiddled with -- had to try the settings on the phone camera. So I popped the flower's color and made the rest black & white. It's interesting. 

And I love Hibiscus anyway. I wish I had a 3-season room so that I could grow one. But right now, I don't have the space for a tree and we're in Zone 5 - which means that by now, anything like this that's still outside would be withered and dead - or near-dead. 

But I can still take pictures of them and enjoy them. 

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