Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Perils of Technology...

So my new Nokia phone came in. It's a doozy. Technology way beyond what I was thinking, and that's only the camera part. I'm not a total idiot. I went to take a picture of the lovely African Violet that's blooming.

And I can't figure out how to focus the stupid camera. Ok, the CAMERA is not stupid. Obviously, it's me. This is the Nokia that has the whiz-bang gazillion-megapixel camera that's supposed to be just about as good as my Canon EOS. If I can figure it out. 

Can't wait to see the pics. 

If I can figure out how to take them in the first place. 

And I just went ten rounds with Hubby, trying to figure out where the pics from the old phone landed. We found them, sort of. They're not completely off my old camera. Which of course is frustrating. 

Can't someone make an app where, I get a new phone, I press both phones together and the new one sucks the information over??? It would be worth a million bucks (probably more) if there was such a thing. 


Nothing in a few days. I've just been spinning my wheels. Don't even have enough done on the Pink Sock to make a dent in the progress chart.

BUT... I'm going to re-think my "project days" thing. I think it needs to be a "project week" thing, particularly for the knitting. I can still cross-stitch on Sundays, since I can no longer take those projects out in public. 

Not that they're awful. Just that I can't see them as well unless I have a magnifier and my Ott Light. 

But I think I need a WEEK with each project. See, I don't knit all day. I don't knit fast, either. So to have Monday be "Pink Sock Day" -- unless I have a solid couple of hours, I make no progress on the project. And that's frustrating. So I'll keep the same LIST. But instead of each day, I'll pick the week and that will be my project for the week. I should be able to make some strides toward completion at that point.

Does that make me a "process" or "progress" knitter? Well, I do like the PROCESS of knitting. But even better, I do love to finish stuff and see progress. I want to wear (or give away, as the case may be) what I'm working on. I don't like to have endless stuff that never gets finished. (Go ahead. Laugh. You know you're just like this...) I mean, honestly...

When someone asks, "What are you working on?" I don't want to say, "The same sock I've been working on for 2 months now." Either they'll get the impression that I'm terrifically busy (and sometimes I am) or they'll figure I'm pretty dim (and sometimes I am). 

I seriously want to get the stash managed. Come on, you know I mean it since I've already dropped a trunk-load of "stuff I will never knit" at the church for the prayer shawls. And in truth, the only way to really enjoy the NEW stuff is to FINISH the stuff that's been there a while. 

So that's where I stand right now. I have the Pink Sock with me and if I get a chance today, I'll knit some on it. Otherwise, it'll be tonight after dinner.

Healthy Habits...

Rather than go "Diet & Exercise" -- Anyway, I am horrible today. There must be Something Coming On because I could eat a bear. While it's still alive. I'm afraid to get on the scale tomorrow. But I will do it anyway. I have to. Probably won't like what I'll see, but there you go.

As far as exercise, I'm on Day Two of the Weighted Hula Hoop. My tummy feels a bit battered because it's got nubs on the inside of it. This is exactly the one I have. See those "handles" there? Yep, rib punishers. I can only go about 3 minutes at the max. I know I should be doing up to 10 minutes, but I don't think my ribs can take it right now.

That being said, I'll keep working at it. I'm in the office 4 days out of the 5 we're open, so even if I can get most of the days at lunch, that's good. 

I'm also wanting to clean up the stash/craft area so that I can keep my mat rolled out - incentive to actually get on it! I'm going to be going to Florida this summer (I know - who really WANTS to go there, but it's for the Zonta convention) and I have a skinny mat I can toss in my suitcase. 

I was inspired by my friend Donna - I trained with her. And she's got a travel mat. I figured that, since I rarely share a room, I can just take this one to Florida and use it after the meetings. I probably won't do anything in the a.m., or if I do? Who knows? 

Just so I get into a routine. I would love to walk more, but I'm headed BACK to the allergist. After 5 years (yes, FIVE YEARS) on allergy shots, they no longer work. I was one year off the shots and everything was good. Now, however, because of the polar vortex, allergies are going to hit the roof. They're calling it the Pollen Vortex and if you click that, you'll see a pretty good article about it. So I'm headed to a new allergist for a sub-lingual (under the tongue) system. Hubby's doing it and not only is it cheaper than the shots (insurance doesn't cover this way of doing it, though), he's seeing quicker results because it's a DAILY drop or two under the tongue instead of a whopper of a shot once a week.

The shots - for me at least - have to be mixed with epinephrine and I can't do that anymore, I don't think - because it speeds up the heart rate and I'm now on 2 meds to SLOW it down. I'm ok with the dentist doing it because it's a quick-acting thing to put in a crown or fix a cavity. But the allergy shots? The shot gave me a "second bicep" on the outside of my arm, and that was WITH the stuff to ensure that the reaction wasn't bad. And the lump lasted for days. No, thanks. 

So I've got the appointment set up and we'll see what happens. 


Turns out that I have some breathing room! I'm boiling the eggs tonight. Will do the cakes on Friday, and the deviled eggs on Saturday morning. Hubby can handle the ham. I think that's all we have to do except for yanking the potica out of the freezer. I have mislaid the list (!) and so I'm not sure that I've got everything covered. 

Speaking of Easter, you all know the song by Leonard Cohen, "Halleljuah." I'll link a YouTube here. But that being said, here's the "Easter Version" of that song. As you know, if you listen to Cohen's words, this song isn't about the religious aspect of "Hallelujah" -- it's the physical aspect of that exclamation. 

However, a very talented woman took the time (and did get permission, you'll hear in the video) to Easter-ize the lyrics. I think you'll like what she's done. I'd love to sing that. I also appreciate the artistry of the Jeff Buckley version. 


Seagull 25th Anniversary Guitar
Speaking of which, I've taken guitar lessons for 12 years now. Arguably, my mom's 15 years as a piano student were much better spent because she played beautifully and I'm still not there yet (Oh, I play in public, but I could be a lot better if I concentrated on practicing more -- MUCH MORE). So we're working on "Canticle of the Sun" and there's a part in there where Jeff, my teacher, finally says, "Look - you've gotta learn a couple of power chords." Power chords are simple chord formations that slide up the neck (which in guitar means going toward the sound hole) -- so you keep your fingers in basically the same position, but slide up a certain number of frets. It's all based on the lowest note in the chord. 

Power chords are usually reserved for garage bands because they're supposed to be easy. We shall see... A church song with power chords... 

So I also recorded (on the new phone) the a capella version of the Exsultet - I figured I should capture it because I don't have a whole lot recorded. Perhaps in my dottage, my grandcat or (ha) grandKIDS may want to hear how grandma sounded when she could sing. 

Jeff and I have been loosely working on recording us, with me singing and him doing harmonies where appropriate. But it's a process where I'm learning to use the recording equipment on my laptop, not necessarily for my posterity list. 

Random Picture...

Just to remind you that spring, even though I know so many folks still have snow, is finally here. 

A few years ago, we had a large feeder on a pole in our front flower bed. It was a cylinder inside a "gazebo" kind of device. Well, Mamma Robin decided that it was nicely waterproofed and this is what she did one spring. 

Hubby took a series of pictures from nest-building through laying to hatching and it was awesome. Really watching how all this happens is amazing. The only thing was, some idiot took a baseball bat to a number of things in the neighborhood: a few pole lamps, our bird feeder, several rear-view mirrors -- what a jerk! And we never replaced the feeder. Instead, we got one of those "module" types, which is actually better because it's squirrel proof. The little buggers can't figure out how to get beyond the baffle up the pipe and so far, we've been able to move it as front yard maple has grown. Though we're running out of room! 

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Blessed Passover!

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