Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Short and Sweet...

...mainly because I feel like crap today and I want to curl in a ball with a blanket..


February Lady Sweater
Working away at Teal Sock, since it's Wednesday. The February Lady Sweater made an appearance yesterday and after a mild panic attack at "where did I put the project notes?" I found them. I found the pattern, but my "scratch sheet" where I kept track of stuff was stuck in a pile.

Whew. It's found. Got a lot done. 

Don't know how I was photographing knitting before we closed the lid of the dogs' toybox! This is a nice surface to snap pics on when Raisa's butt isn't on it. 

The directions for the FLS are true: The sweater will "grow" especially with this silk/merino yarn. It weighs a ton now, and it's only the yoke! I have about 6 more repeats of this section before I get to the required 255 stitches. I hope it all works out because the gauge finally did. I hope the NUMBERS work  -- I don't want to rip it all out again.
Teal Sock #2

The sock is moving along. Still madly in love with the Kollage square DPNs and would like to get more of their circulars. Though the Addis are working a treat for the FLS.

Eyeballing other projects as I start to finish the WIPs. Was in the closet yesterday and found two - TWO - sweaters that are just waiting. One of 'em even has buttons ready!

Tippi Gigs...

So we went to St. Colletta's yesterday. I think neither of us was prepared and while it wasn't a total waste, it was an eye-opener. 

I have a huge level of discomfort around special needs folks, and this place houses and schools 12 - 21 year olds with all manner of disabilities. 

TDI asked for a visit, and I went, figuring that if Tippi liked it, I could make it work on my end. 

She didn't like it. She was anxious (which is not her normal MO, I can tell you!) and was pacing a bit. She loved a couple of the kids, but she didn't like the ones who screamed and the ones who somehow just triggered something in her to make her tense up. 

I'll talk to Bobbie, our trainer, just to get some insight, but it's pretty clear that we're not going to be able to be regular visitors. 

It's sad, but it is what it is, and I won't bring her somewhere where she's basically shut down at the end of the visit. 

Random Picture...

See, very short. I need a nap. I also probably need to do this. It's a card made by my friend Mandy, and I need to get a frame for it. 

I'm not feeling well -- nothing alarming, just extremely tired and worn out. I need to breathe, hug Tippi and take a nap. In something close to that order. 

I could hug Raisa too, but since she's now the Destroyer of the dog beds, I'm kind of annoyed with her.

But that's a story for the next blog entry.

Till later, folks!

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